Dizzy Header and the Dry-butt Bunch

Dizzy Header and the Dry-butt Bunch

I have to give credit where credit is due. While he turned down my request to ghost-write the backblast for me, Horsehead did inspire the title. The rest of the debacle that is described in this backblast is my doing. Maybe everyone got a decent workout in this morning, maybe not. This guy most definitely smoked himself… here is what we did to the best of my recollection.


  • 20 KB swings / take a lap
  • 20 Staggered merkins (10 left / 10 right) / take a lap
  • 20 Squats 

Partner up / same size bell – farmer carry / 5 merkin chaser around the church. That hurt a lot more than usual… just ask Header who pulled up dizzy just as we got started. All I heard was ‘something, something…stupid pre-run… yada yada’. We all managed to get around the church, some taking shorter routes than others. When we got to the hill we did some LBCs as an active recovery. Then the suck continued…

Set 1 – on the hill (partner 1 runs up hill does 5 burpees / partner 2 does exercise). I kept the original plan for reps in here just for giggles so you could see how stupid this idea was.

  • Good morning (200 reps) – modified to 150
  • Lawn mower (150 reps) – think we modified to 100
  • Merkins using bells (100 reps) – who the hell knows…

Set 2 – hill guy does squats instead of burpees now

  • Side lunges (200 reps) – modified to 100
  • High pull (150 reps) – modified to 100
  • Clean/Press (100 reps) – modified to 100

Kind of like Garth Brooks has that extra verse of “Friends in Low Places” that he sings at his concerts, I had a third set of exercises that I had planned to do. Fortunately for everyone I don’t sing and we didn’t get to this third set. But you can read about it and do it at home if you’d like.

Set 3 – switch from squats to heels to heaven

  • Tricep extension (200 reps)
  • Goblet squat (150 reps)
  • Snatch (100 reps)

Farmer carry back to launch point where Chin Music, Cotton Mouth and Horsehead led us in some Mary exercises. Or not…. these guys put dry butts higher on the priority list this morning.

Thank the Lord that’s over with. Appreciate my partner Big League Chew carrying me through this ridiculousness – much respect! I think everyone put in a solid effort out there this morning. Appreciate you guys!

Great story TD hearing about the impact F3 has had on your buddy down in Birmingham! While not all of us has had the same dramatic physical impact on us, I think its safe to say F3 has played a huge part in all of our lives. I’m very thankful.

Thanks Funky for closing us out in prayer this morning.

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