Triple Nickel Sammie

Triple Nickel Sammie

YHC has a hard time summoning the desire to drive from Steele Creek to A51 sometimes. What can I say, I’m lazy. But when I saw Lorax post his need for a Q this week I jumped at the chance to Q. But not without waiting a good 15 mins to see if anyone else would take it. 😛

So with the ball of snakes swirling last night I concocted a plan that would leave, at the very least me, everyone sweaty and smoked. With 7 on the line, not including Lorax, and a short disclaimer that was BrushBack approved we launched this weeks version of ANVIL.

Mosey out by entrance 4 and circle up for COP in the lot.

Cop IC x 10 SSH, IW, Merkin, Mtn Climber and LSS

All warmed up we grabbed some lifting rocks at the baseball field.

In parking lot we got acquainted with our rocks with a set of Curls, Push Press and Tricep Ext. x 10. Fully aware of our bad rock picking decisions, we began our first Triple Nickel.

Rock Merkin x 5, run to island, Rock Squat x 5, run back to start = 1 round
After 5 sneaky hard rounds we placed, gently, our new igneous friends back in their habitat to wait for our return on another day.

Mosey to playground for three rounds of 5 Pullups, 10 knees to chest (while hanging) and 15 Merkins. Swing-sets are slippery in the morning and subsequently dangerous when grip strength deteriorates rapidly. #dangerdanger #crowdpleaser

Early finishers got a prize in the form of plank outside the playground.

Mosey to HotBox where we started with a round of peoples chair with arm raises. head around to the benches and jump into another three rounds of Jump ups x 5, Irkins x 10 and Dips x 15. The PAX rushed through this and were left with no choice but to repeat it in reverse. Jump ups x 15, Irkins x 10 and Dips x 5. Circle back around to the front of HB and PC a little more.

Mosey over to center driveway for an unsavory animal walk down the way.
Bear crawl/CDD x 5 each tree to halfway (4 trees)
Flip it over for Crab walk/Lbc x 5 each tree (remaining 4 trees)

We missed 2 trees at the end. 🙁

Mosey to north face’s little brother and finish out our Triple Nickel sammich. Monkey humper x 5, run hill, calf raises x 5, run back = 1 x 5 rounds. I love making people do Monkey Humpers cause no matter who you are, you just look stupid. HA! You’re Welcome

Mosey to get some much needed Mary in at far end of launch lot.
Heels2Heaven x 10, Flutter x 10, Dolly x 10, Backscratcher x 10 and Box Cutter x 10.

Flip it over for a 45 sec reg plank and 15 sec 6” hold to AYG to launch.

Sitting in an office chair Moleskin
Ickey Shuffle is turning it on this season. Admittedly, he claimed to only be at the front because he can sprint well and short distances are his friend. Don’t be modest my friend, you are looking svelt and I can’t wait to see you tear up BRR this year. Snuka was grinding it out like usual. This 57 yr old wunderkind is a specimen for sure. I wanna be like him when I grow up. Brushback said he found his abs on the Knees to Chest and realized they were non existent. Hammer wore his reflective vest even though I reassured him we would not leave campus. Clover and Mr Magoo continue to bring it with each week. Keep up the good work. YHC about smoked himself more than once and officially won the AYG even though Ickey and Snuka were steps ahead, they stopped short of the cars. All the way through wins the race. Or in the immortal words of Sean Connery from The Rock, “Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home [with] the prom queen.” * #lifelessons

*edited for family friendliness

Sign up for Crane relay –

Beer Run – check slack channel #beerrun 5/18/19

Unofficial F3 event that rhymes with “shmearsmile” 6/7/19
check slack channel for details

F3 Dads Camp 8/16-8/18 –

TAP for Hammer’s former foster child who committed suicide. Also for Red Rocks and his continued recovery.

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