Simply put… It was cold

Simply put… It was cold

E ala ‘oe!! e holo ana nā kānaka

3rd F:

•Glass Joe’s Father in Law Passed- be in prayer for the Family
•Continued recovery for Hoffa
•Lobsta Roll- hip replacement
•F3 guys on F3 mission- safe trip/travels

2nd F:
•Dry-anuary was a beast but multiple F3 PAX were able to live up to the challenge.
•Not to late to join in on the February Swole-challange. Contact General
•Speed For need is putting together the 2019 list. Please contact Gypsy if interested

When it is 22 degrees outside, sometimes you just gotta run to get warm. Nothing special in this version of Sparta. Just going to hit the requirements of 4.5 miles, a few exercises and get back in the car to head home and warm up. The plan was set months in advance for a Meathead/Sparta convergence of sorts but as with all F3 events you must modify as necessary. Voodoo and YHC had lunch the day before the workout and decided with him not feeling well and temps forecasted to be around 20 that we would hold off for the Spring when numbers would be up. Instead, the Spartans made the journey over to Meathead AO where they had a few leftover Kettlebells for us.

1st F
The Thang

Left out of Matthews Elementary
Right on to Fullwood Stopping across the street from Covenant Day church ~Side Straddle hops
~1.5 Merkins
~Mountain Climbers
Mosey to Matthew township pkwy turn left
Left onto Elizabeth Lane.
Left into Meathead AO at 640

The Meathead pax was already in the middle of the beatdown when we showed up.
High tide was expecting up and had the extra bells waiting.
Time for 10 of each rep on the board.. S
ee Meathead BB for weinke:
Return the bells ..
thank the guys and head out… it’s to cold to be standing around

Right out of School Right onto Matthews Township Pkwy
Right onto Covenant Church Lane
Left into the Kevlar AO.
~1 round of BLIMPS
Left out of AO
Right onto John St.
Right onto Trade
Left into the 4 mile Greenway
Left into the trail leading back up to the AO

5.25 miles at a 7:55 average running pace.

v/r Gypsy

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