Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter

YHC looked and looked and looked for a Q to fill in for this week’s Hydra.  No dice.  Terrible forecast and a concert on Wednesday night (got home at 11:30 pm) meant that the last thing I wanted to do on Thursday is wake up at 5 am to go run in a 38-degree rainstorm.  I was 95% sure that when I showed up it would be just me and Queen.  I was just going to tell him to go home and go to bed.  I was wrong.

7 knuckleheads showed up to join me on this glorious morning.  I am thankful.  I totally would’ve packed it up and gone home.

Quick warmup under the canopy by the entrance of school

  • 20 SSH
  • 15 IW
  • 15 LSS
  • 15 Merkins

Mosey to Rea Road and take a left.  Immediately hit a puddle that had to be several inches deep.  Well at least I’m soaked now.  No need to worry about staying dry anymore.

Left on Windyrush then Right on Foxworth.  Head to the center of the halfpipe.  Partner up.  10 partner hand slap merkins then one partner heads up to the top of one side while the other partner goes to the other side for 10 Carolina Wet Docks (yes, Spackler, it’s Docks not Dogs… I checked the website  3 rounds of this nonsense in the pouring down rain.

Desperately in need of some shelter, we high-tailed it to the church.  Grab and lifting rock and find your partner.  One partner lifts under the awning/shelter/whatever while the other partner runs to the missing Goodwill bin and back.  I thought all 8 of us may be able to lift under the shelter but decided it wasn’t worth scaring off the churchgoers that are always there at 5:30 am. 8 soaking wet dudes with rocks right outside the door??? Not good.   Curls, overhead press and tricep extension.

Run to the parking lot right across from church where there is also a decent shelter.  Grab some wall.  50 civilian arm raises while wall sitting.  Did this 3 times.

Since we were nice and dry there, we did Mary there.  6 pax called/led Mary until time was called.


Thanks to the pax for bearing with me on this one.  With the uncertainty with the Q, weather and that late night concert the night before, I pretty much made this one up on the fly.  I think it turned out ok though.  Of course Spackler, Gummy and Semi-Gloss didn’t show up.  Spackler confirmed that OTF was nice, warm, cozy and just a tad bit moist.

Again, thanks for coming out.  I totally would’ve bailed.

Hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving next week.  I’m very Thankful for F3 and the guys of Hydra.  I’m coming up on my 4 year anniversary which is hard to believe because I feel like I was reluctant to come join for so long (my FIA wife and Hairball finally convinced me to give it a try).  Can’t imagine not being a part of the group now.  Thanks guys!


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High TidePosted on10:06 pm - Nov 16, 2018

As you may or may not have heard, the A51 winter gear order is open.
You have until Wednesday, Nov 21 (Turkey Day -1) to gift yourself (or have your M gift you)!
Order today so I don’t have to continue this guerrilla marketing…

HairballPosted on12:53 am - Nov 17, 2018

Time flies homeboy. Hated to miss this one. Be back in 3ish weeks for my first merkin of 2018

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