Are you yanking my hose?

Are you yanking my hose?

9 fearless fellows started off the week with the DRP and are better HIMs for it. Quick disclaimer and mosey out to 51, down to Jack Hughes park entrance, down the sidewalk and around the big ball field to the main field house. Circle it up for some COP.

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Merkin x 10
Mtn Climber x 10
Low Slow Squat x 15??

Mosey over to rock pile and grab a lifting rock for some upper body work.
Tricep Extension x 30
Overhead press x 30
Curl x 30

With the arms all warmed up we move to the next lot where YHC has set up some stations. Partner up (one group of 3) and get a quick break down on what is going on with all the orange cones, cinder blocks, a garden hose and 1 frisbee.

Station 1 – Garden hose (timer)
Partner 1 pulls fully extended hose to himself (approx 80 feet give or take) and then run it back out to full extension. Partner 2 does LBC. Flapjack

Station 2 – Cinder Block lunge (10 yards out and back)
P1 lunges w/cinder block. P2 does merkins. Flapjack

Station 3 – 6 Cone ZigZag sprints
P1 zigzags the cones and sprints straight back. P2 Flutter. Flapjack

Station 4 – 15 yard frisbee toss
P1 and P2 throw and catch. If there is a drop, 5 Burpee penalty. Successfully complete 10 throws, do 5 Burpees for being Awesome!!!

One time through all the stations and we took a karaoke left and right down the parking lot and then a backwards run down the other side.

Station 5 – Partner Situps
P1 and P2 leglock and do old fashion situps.

Station 6 – Line hop
P1 and P2 stand over a parking line and do single leg (R/L) and double leg side to side hops over the line. 1 hop equals back and forth over the line. Right leg x 10, Left leg x 10 and double x 10.

Station 7 – Cinder block clean and press
P1 clean and press cinder block x 10. P2 burpees x 10. Flapjack

Station 8 – Side step suicides
P1 and P2 Suicide between 3 cones starting in middle. Side step to close cone and back to middle. Sidestep to far cone and back to middle. Sidestep the full distance and sprint to other end. Change sides to get equal leg work.

The group of 3 was the timer for this set. Times up, grab all the wonky gear and head back to launch. Drop it all next to YHC’s 2.0 hauler and circle up for 1 round of mary.

Mary = Heels2Heaven x 15

Frisky Moleskin:
YHC has been a bit preoccupied with various family health issues and was itching to get some “work” in on the ole pavement. When I received the message from Pvt Benji I jumped at the chance to Q. Admittedly I am a bit of a procrastinator and was thinking of various exercise routines last night whilst imbibing beside my fire-pit. I recalled a time not to long ago I pulled the garden hose across my yard and thought to myself, this would be a good workout. So, I brought my hose and some choice cinder blocks and paired it all together with a sprint/agility workout of my own making. Cinder block lunge walk is a real #crowdpleaser. As were line hops. Tag team duo Happy Meal and Tommy Boy were hustling hard. Commish and Side Car were setting off the “Lunk Alarm”. No Show, Pvt B and YHC took the long road with the 3 person partner group. DF and Cobbler suffered in silence. Everyone had the chance to show off their best “Dad” backhand frisbee toss and ultimately lamented the fact I brought all this gear 1/2 a mile from the launch as we picked it all up and took it back. Secretly, I was gauging frisbee talent and the idea of having a Joust like last Monday Ultimate game on the regular at The Big House. I think we can say, providing we get some numbers up, it will be GAME ON! Tks for the opportunity to lead.

Crane Relay is just 2 short weeks away. Check out the Pre-blast for any info. Details

Pineville Fall Festival this weekend – Come support your local F3 community and bring the 2.0s out for some fun.

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