Dunkin’, no Bushwood

Dunkin’, no Bushwood

This morning, there was no Bushwood at the Donut Run. Was he hurt? Did he have to work? Was he watching the kiddos? I suspect it was none of these! Because yesterday news broke that Dunkin’ Donuts will be dropping the Donuts and known as “Dunkin’”.


The reason Bushwood was not present was because he was MAD! And I quote (from Slack), “Stupid. Almost as bad as when IHOP went to IHOB”. And that doesn’t even include the obscenities he was mumbling under his breathe.

While he was washing his mouth out with soap, the rest of us ran…

Tolkien and Flipper continued their bromance and ran the Long John route. Don’t kid yourself – I’m just jealous.

Wild Turkey and Insomniac got in 6. Turkey Leg, Uncle Phil, Enron, Polly and Baracus ran all the way to Providence (no turn on Candlewyck) and got in about 6.5. Fleetwood got in 7.

I resurrected the 4.5 mile Jello route and was joined by Adobe (whom I hope we see out more). I wanted to get in a decent run, without overdoing before my first 10k at Isabella Santos. I remember a year ago, when I ran this route and was happy to hit 50 minutes. Today, I did it in 42:10!

As for the donut run, it will remain the same. Heck, I’m actually kind of glad that Dunkin dropped the Donuts – this is what you get for not letting paying customers park in front of your store! #kharma



Isabella Santos 5k/10k – This Saturday

Let Them Soar 5k – Nov 10th. https://letthemsoar5k.racesonline.com/

Crane Relay – It’s coming


Apologies to the missed names, let me know and I’ll edit the BackBlast.

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