Beaver nails it

Beaver nails it

[YHC is posting this BB for Beaver.  I’ll try not to add to many of my own comments.]

First things first – Borrow Tweetsie’s cell phone for devotional Bible phrases on forgiveness (Thank you, Tweetsie!)

Corpse Pose and Devotional [strong devo on Forgiveness]

[Warm up]Qi Gung Standing Posture and a variety of Qi Gung forms

The Thang:

Child’s Pose
Cat Cows
Downward Dog
Lunge on Knee – Circularize arms
Hamstring stretch on Knee
Sun Salutations x 3
Warrior I
Warrior II
Wide Leg Forward Bend
Tree Pose
Happy Baby


It was an honor to lead Gumby and teach the PAX a few Qi Gung forms.

Inner steel sharpens inner steel.

Great work by all PAX!

[YHC: Beaver aced it.  VQ and was ready with devo, music and Weinke.  Not sure how we hadn’t noticed before, but Beaver is exceptionally flexible.  Must be the Qi Gong.]

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