I don’t want to

I don’t want to

Yesterday, I woke up at 4 AM got on a plane to Atlanta. There I presented on a brand new work project and took some difficult questions. It was stressful. I flew back and was back home are around 8 PM. I was exhausted. I glanced at my calendar and noticed I had the Q at Gumby. Ugh!

This is not because I don’t like the site or site Qs. In fact, when I was hurt earlier this year, Gumby was essential to my recovery. I was tired. I had just Q’d Monday. I don’t regularly do yoga and I’m nervous about leading it. Plus, I really hadn’t prepared anything. Not good.

Truth be told, I was being selfish. F3 is not about yourself. F3 is about others. I couldn’t let those who would set alarms and show up down. Gumby was there for me, I would be there for them.

I can’t remember the exact sequence of movements, but we did a segment of active movement, standing stretches of neck, spine, shoulders and hips and legs. We spent time on wrists, downward dog and plank. We covered pigeon, downward dog and cobra. We finished with a stretch that resembled a burpee. It was all pretty basic. That said, I believe all got a thorough stretch. Plus, I got to play the Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, The Strokes and Arcade Fire.

We all have a responsibility to each other. F3 is built on accountability. We show up on time, we lead each others sites, we help the guys struggling in the back. It’s not always convenient, it’s not easy. It’s better that way.

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