Details are hazy

Details are hazy

I had a pretty bad run of not writing backblasts and my conscious has finally taken over. Typically I’d done them within a few hours but like anything, you start slacking a little then you start slacking a lot. Food, laziness, whatever your vice. I have many. Rhapsody has more.


Last Friday’s Kevlar was a good burn with a better group of guys that deserves to be published.


The Thingy – total mileage 3.4 miles


Aldi warmup – circle up, SSH, Merkins, Squats, etc.


Run to Downtown Matthews to back of Seaboard and do 4 corners (.5 mile loop)

Round 1 – Corner 1 – 20 Merkins, Corner 2 – 20 situps, Corner 3 – 20 Merkins, Corner 2 – 20 situps

Round 2  – Corner 1 – 10 burpees (do this at each corner)


Run back to campus – on Cov. Church Ln. – Sprint, Mosey, Sprint, Mosey, etc. between each telephone pole until we get to the rock pile.


Grab a lifting rock and 1 partner

P1 – Run 50 yards

P2 – Shoulder Press

300 total – Flapjack


P1 – Run 50 yards

P2 – Chest Press

200 total – Flapjack


P1 – Run 50 yards

P2 – Tri Extensions

150 total – Flapjack


Reverse run back to main lot –  alternating forward and reverse between the telephone poles.






Busch and Rhapsody talked endlessly – well anyone running with Busch talked endlessly. It took some serious running to wear them out a bit.


Drive By changed jobs and now spends his mornings with us – he always did in the summer as a teacher but it’s good to see him back in the rotation.


Christmas is becoming a Kevlar regular and was moving fast all morning.


I knew Cage had an injury earlier this year and as a Respectful mid-50 year old he always impresses me. He stayed with it even though we had a long run in.


Witch Doctor just got back from Italy and got engaged there – happy for him for the next stage in his life.


4 of us made it to Mancave – led by Busch after the workout.


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