No charge for the Sauna

No charge for the Sauna

12 cool dudes didn’t stay cool for long at Kevlar this morning. Sweat puddles all over campus and YHC picked a bad day to forget a towel and seatcover. Cloth seats in the truck soaked up this mornings sweat like Puddin Pops “wicking” tees. After a re-introduction to many of the pax whom I have not seen in a while a dislaimer was given and away we went.

Run to lower lot near the hill and circle up for COP
Diamond Merkin x20IC
Merkin x15IC
Widarm x15IC

Run up hill to rock pile – grab a partner and a lifting rock

P1 runs accross the street around the island and back while P2 Performs Rock exercises (FLAPJACK)

R1 – 20 squats w rock/20 press/20 thrusters x3rounds

R2 20 dips/20 triceps extens/20 curls x3rounds

Put the rocks down and run to the field near the parking lot

Line up abreast –
Run the field – 10 merkins run 20 merkins run 30 merkins
Run 10 squat/20/30
Run 10 lbc 20/30

Put the above all together run 10 merk/10 squat/10lbc run 20 merk/20 squat/20lbc run 30 merk/30 squat/30lbc

head over to lot for Mary consisting of the following:

Left/right crunch x 10 each side
Plankarama till everything shakes

Moleskin: Admittedly, it had been a few months since I’ve been over to kevlar (been trying to get healthy from various ailments and been a little lazy). Definitely missed the AO and those that attend regularly, I’ll have to make it a point to be more regular in my own attendance. It was brutally hot in the pavilion, it was a welcome respite to be the runner during those rock exercises. The only breeze this morning was the one you could create by moving swiftly. Speaking of Swiftly, Purrell, Rhapsody and Orange Whip were crushing it on the field, running up front the whole time and chatting along. Looked like everyone was peacefully enjoying their own paincave this morning and there was not a dry spot during mary. Horsehead dazzled the crowd with some active recover Hulahooping when we made it back to the field, he is man of many many talents. Sounded like many were heading to the beach this weekend, hope everyone travels safely and has a great weekend. As always, it was a pleasure to lead this morning. Take care,


F3 dads MR Brady q 9 at Beatty softball fields
Speed for need on the 4th

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