Yes, Mountain Goat BBs Still Exist

Yes, Mountain Goat BBs Still Exist

11 gnarly goats gathered and galloped into the thick, humid Gloom for this week’s #trackFriday edition of Mountain Goat. Conditions today were hot, muggy, and quite frankly gross. But we ignored all that and became better, stronger, and faster.

The Thang

1600 meter warm-up followed by dynamic stretching.

400/800/1200/800/400 ladder at I-pace with 400 meter recovery between each rung.

800 meter cool-down.

Ye Olde Moleskine

First of all, YHC must apologize for the recent dearth of backblasts after my Mountain Goat Qs. Sometimes when you Q a running workout, there’s not much to report. That’s no excuse for not posting a backblast and recognizing the dedication of the Pax who wake up early Friday mornings and make Mountain Goat a great site. My bad, sorry about that.

Today’s Weinke was simple yet brutal given the high humidity and low 70s temperature. It hurt, especially the 1200, but in a good way. Fleetwood led the way this morning and even put in a few miles on a solo pre-run. YHC is pumped to have him on my BRR team. With Slim Fast DR, Insomniac was given the keys to the magic towel and teamed up with Sensei for a solid effort. Sensei may have been dragging him around the track just a bit. Kotters to Beefeater, great to see you this morning, running as strong as ever. Jello was a great driver last year, but having had a taste of the BRR he wanted more, and has become quite the runner in 2018. Word on the street is that he’s a HC for Kilowatt’s team this year. Day-Z crushed it as usual and was engaging and informative as always. Gullah and Kilowatt got it done, respect-style, with committed, tireless efforts. Awesome to have Stye join us as a site FNG (I think). What can I say about Lois? The man, the myth, the legend. He’s getting stronger every week and never has a shortage of humor and good cheer. Thanks for the excellent take out as well.

  • Convergence on Monday (6/18) at The Big House (Pineville police station) to celebrate the life of Dumpster Fire’s brother, Tom Maxim, and to stand with DF as he mourns the recent loss of Tom. Please join if you can and, if not, keep Dumpster Fire and his mother and entire family in your prayers. Pre-run @ 0500; Boot camp @ 0530; Celebration of Life Convergence
  • American 4 Miler on 7/4: Speed for Need race and F3 convergence. See Slack or Twitter for details.



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