Complete Game!

Complete Game!

16 men gathered in the gloom for another Hannibal beat down. At some point, Bugeater joined us and we became 17 and better for it. Also, a decent number of new faces, mixed with some old timers made it a fun crowd.

Brief disclaimer (YHC was a bit grumpy – the longest short week ever) and we were off.

The Thang:

Mosey around the back of the school to the East parking lot. Normal Hannibal warm-up

  • SSH x20
  • IW x20
  • Slow squats x20
  • Mountain climbers x20
  • Peter Parker/Parker Peter x10 (each)

Mosey back to launch by way of the front of the school

Main Event: 5 x 10 x 5 4 (5 stations for exercises, 10 reps each, 4 times)

  • Station 1: Pull-ups on the playground
  • Station 2: Dips on the benches on the East side of campus
  • Station 3: Merkins in the front and center of school
  • Station 4: Step-ups on the benches on the West side of campus
  • Station 5: AYG around the short track

Mary while waiting for the 6 (various on-your-six exercises)

Mosey behind school to near the playground. Get in 3 main groups. Grinders from this point to the concession stand. Squats and Dollies at end points.

AYG back to Launch. Done.


YHC might have his Q-card revoked after this one. Last night, Marge tweeted that YHC would be on a pitch count not to exceed 4 miles. Well, that lap around the school is ALWAYS further than I think it is, and at the beginning of the second lap of the main event, we had already broken a mile. With the threat of Marge going to the bullpen early, and with all of us sucking wind pretty good, YHC audibled the original 5 cycles down to 4. No one complained.

Really proud of everyone pushing through on that. Marge and Queen were killing it. Jet Fuel wasn’t far behind. We will all be better for it (though it may take us a few days). Mary while the six came in was a welcome break, even on the cheese-grater parking lot that is Olde Providence Elementary. The grinders at the end brought some good conversation among the PAX (which is when YHC noticed that Bugeater had shown up at some point during the workout).

All in, we did close to 3 miles without ever leaving the campus. Not bad. Great to see some new blood out there. Prayers specifically for Utah’s father and Jennings Palmer. Please lift these guys up today!

No other announcements. Pleasure to lead a fine crew.

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