Audibles are not all created equal

Audibles are not all created equal

Large Group this am – must have been the mention of a form clinic that brought them out.

Solid 29 Pax strong – biggest showing so far at Hawks Nest.

Disclaimer provided to accompany the documents signed and to account for several site FNGs and one true FNG.

Off we went – YHC had to rely on site Q Doc for directions because this AO has tons of ways to get turned around.

Worked our way over to the larger parking lot near the football field for COP.


COP (all IC)

SSH x 20

IW x 15

Low Slow Squat x 10 – 3 down/1 up

Mtn Climbers x 20

Slow Merkins x 10


The Thang:

Mosey back up to steps outside the gym.

20 dips, then up the large steps (Q fail for not saying just the large steps)

3 rounds


Mosey over to Swim Mac on property – planning a nice triple nickel – but informed by management that Mac is off limits, including their grounds – good to know for future Qs

Time for a slight modification


Mosey on by the pool and hang a right across the bridge and by the baseball fields to the covered area with picnic tables.

10 jump ups / 20 dips / 20 derkins x 3

Plank when done.

Head back the way we came and cross the bridge heading to the football field.

Stop for a brief rest and some people’s chair on the bridge


Time Hawks Nest was introduced to The Escalator.

Mosey to football field and line up abreast in the end zone.

5 jump squats / 5 merkins / 5 heels to heaven / 5 burpees

run to just past the bleachers (approx. 70-75 yards)

10 jump squats / 10 merkins / 10 heels to heaven / 10 burpees

Run back to end zone

15 jump squats / 15 merkins / 15 heels to heaven / 15 burpees

run to just past the bleachers

20 jump squats / 20 merkins / 20 heels to heaven / 20 burpees

Run back to end zone

15 jump squats / 15 merkins / 15 heels to heaven / 15 burpees

run to just past the bleachers

10 jump squats / 10 merkins / 10 heels to heaven / 10 burpees

Run back to end zone

5 jump squats / 5 merkins / 5 heels to heaven / 5 burpees

No way around it, that one leaves a mark


Getting short on time so quick mosey back to launch point, again Q needed to ask for directions to get back to field beside middle school (more recon required next time)

3 mins left – time to also introduce Hawks Nest to Jack Webbs

1 merkin / 4 air presses

2 merkins / 8 air presses

3 merkins / 12 air presses

4 merkins / 16 air presses

5 merkins / 20 air presses

6 merkins / 24 air presses




Great group out today – pax kept showing up before launch and YHC wondered if Hops and Doc had scheduled a convergence.  Great to see old and new faces – this is turning into a great AO that pulls pax from all over Area 51 / SOB land.

Everyone was killing it today so little need for form police and for the record Mermaid, according YHC’s calculations may have set the record for the fasted Escalator.  Those burpees were crazy fast.

And on the subject of the Escalator, thank Swim Mac for that one because it was a complete audible once the triple nickel was removed.  Next time may bring the supersized Escalator out – this was just the regular sized one.  Again, great solid work by everyone – hope this had something for everyone.  Covered a bit of ground and did some work (If someone has the mileage, let YHC know or put it in the comments.  Thanks Doc and Hops for the opportunity to lead this great group, and thanks Men for following YHC around in the gloom this am.  Can’t say it was all fun, but we will be better for it.

Thanks for the takeout Hops – always on point.

Champagne out.

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HopsPosted on8:56 pm - May 1, 2018

That hurt. Even the down escalator was brutal. Welcome to FNG FloJo. Many painful returns. And great to have so many site FNG’s as well. Solid group of pax. T-claps to Champagne for another clinical beatdown. The smell of chlorine emanating from SwimMAC always smacks me. Don’t like the stank, but it does remind me of my favorite childhood lifeguards – Jill Lockmiller & Teri Elmore. Wendy Peffercorn paled in comparison.
Also, Kotters to Volker & Spackler was surprisingly quiet…. perhaps I just couldn’t hear him from deep in the pain cave.

MermaidPosted on1:01 pm - May 2, 2018

Had not done the escalator before. Certainly not disappointed. Kept looking forward to the 80 yard mosey between reps.

For time being, we will stay off the SwimMAC grounds. The head coach offered use, but we are pretty deep in the waiver and it would require a revision with reviews from Latin and SwimMAC, and would require all new signatures. I did, however, have a chance to invite the SwimMAC coaching staff to join us (FIA for the women). Hopefully we see some new faces. 3 last week. 29 this week. Nice recovery.

HIPAAPosted on2:45 pm - May 2, 2018

I had us right at 2 miles total.

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