The Battle of Slim Fast Hill

The Battle of Slim Fast Hill

11 Pax kicked off their Friday with a hearty helping of hills at Mountain Goat. After disclaiming the Pax and welcoming site FNG HIPAA, we moseyed to Raintree Lane and gathered at the gravel parking lot for dynamic stretching. The usual assortment of heels, toes, butt kickers, and high knees helped to loosen up the wheels in preparation for the main event: a few trips up what is now referred to as Slim Fast Hill. Slim Fast Hill is a 0.29 mile (thanks Sensei) stretch of Raintree Lane from the gravel lot to the intersection at Four Mile Creek. It has two fairly long hills that leave most gasping for breath and begging for mercy. It’s a grind. But we do it because it makes us stronger, both physically and mentally. We attacked Slim Fast Hill on three separate occasions before heading back to base, but not without stopping at Rising Meadow to cap off the morning.

  • Strong, determined running by all this morning. HIPAA more than held his own and we look forward to having him join us next week
  • Lois has dialed in his Slim Fast impression and will be taking his show on the road to colleges throughout the Carolinas
  • Insomniac arrived after we departed and embarked on a #sadclown run. Great to see you at COT!
  • Lest we forget, Slim Fast and other Pax and friends are conquering the Smoky Mountain Relay today and tomorrow. Best of luck to them.

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