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I thought I would give a brief update on Bout Time and his son, Jennings, and give some ways you all can care for them.

Update: Last week, Bout Time and family moved to Memphis, TN. Jennings has been transferred to St. Jude. He is currently in the middle of an 9 day cycle of chemo designed to wipe out his bone marrow and immune system. On day 10 (or day zero), he will have a bone marrow transplant courtesy of his sister, Caroline. From that point on, the prayer is that her bone marrow cells eradicate all AML cells and prevent them from ever returning. The Palmers will be in Memphis for a minimum of 100 days post transplant.

What can you do?
1. Pray:
–For no sickness during this cycle of chemo right now for Jennings. It is the strongest dosage he has ever received.
–That following his cycle of chemo, he will have zero AML cells left in his body.
–That Caroline would have a quick recovery following her surgery and she would be brave. Lots to take in for a 5 year old.
–That Joel and Lauren’s marriage would be strengthen in this and they would be able to connect and communicate well during this time.
–That they would only have to stay in Memphis for the absolute minimum time needed.
–That this would be the last treatment necessary for Jennings.
–That, even in the midst of this suffering and heartache, our Lord would be glorified.

2. Attend a night of Song and Prayer on NEXT THURSDAY, 4/19/18, at Reformed Theological Seminary (2101 Carmel Rd.) at 7:30pm in the Chapel. This will take place on Day Zero.

3. Send the Palmers a care package. Their address is 135 Harbor Ridge Lane South
Memphis, TN 38103.

I also wanted to say thank you to all of you that have been praying and have cared for Joel and Lauren. F3 is an amazing family of friends that truly cares for each other and steps up and serves in times of need.


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