After a couple of days of decent temperatures, the cold settled in over Matthews Elementary this fine Thursday morning. Apparently, Slim Fast’s voodoo weather doll that keeps the rain away at Peak 51 doesn’t control the temperature. We gotta see about getting him an upgrade.

Anyway, slightly chillier temps did not keep 10 hearty PAX from making the best first choice of the day by showing up to Peak.

After a decent disclaimer, we took off, heading to the back church lot by way of the front of the church. Let’s circle up at the top end near the church and get this thing started:


  • Side-straddle hops x20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x20 IC
  • Mountain climbers x20 IC
  • Low, slow squat x20 IC


First up, let’s line up for the Peak 51 staple of suicides. Wait, don’t we usually start these at the bottom of the hill? Yeah, but we’re changing things this week. You get the final return leg going uphill! You’re welcome.

Three sets of suicides to get the blood flowing, with some planking in between.

Next up, mosey to the bus lot and the track. YHC starts explaining our main event while the six rolls in. Today, we’re doing something a little different — a mini-Murph.

Now, the full-on Murph consists of a 1-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and another mile. Oh, and it’s timed.

Given that the lower half of YHC’s body is still not quite fully recovered from Thrive a couple of days ago, the running part is definitely getting cut down. And given that YHC missed his timed mile goal by 3 seconds at Mountain Goat a few weeks ago, timed things are still a sore subject.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

1 lap around the Outback Trail (TM) track

Then, 5 sets of:

  • 10 pull-ups (regular or supine)
  • 20 merkins
  • 30 squats

Once you are finished with your 5th set, 1 lap around the Outback Trail (TM) track.

Regroup in the parking lot. Plank until the six comes in, then do some LBCs.

Next up, let’s mosey to the hill by the baseball field.

Now apparently there was some #mumblechatter that we would not do any sort of hill work, because apparently YHC has a reputation of avoiding hill things at all costs.

Actually, that’s pretty accurate.

But, again, we’re changing things up today. So let’s do a triple nickel:

  • Bottom of hill, 5 lunges (1 lunge = 1 left, 1 right)
  • Top of hill, 5 Carolina Dry Docks
  • Five times

Once that’s done, mosey back to launch. Find a spot on the sidewalk next to the wall, where the pavement isn’t “bed of nails” quality, and let’s do some Mary.

  • Flutter
  • Freddie Mercury … including an uphill portion
  • Rosalita

Annnnnnd … we are done.


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Richard Sheltra run — Saturday, April 28 in Pineville. 10K and 5K options. I’m sure the Right Honourable Lord Spiritual and Temporal of Pineville Dumpster Fire would love to have you come out.

Also — want to Q at Peak? Yes, you do. Please get in touch with me and/or Sensei, before we sign you up. The calendar is wide open.


First up, an update — I got up with Benny earlier this week. He and I checked out “Ready Player One,” which I highly recommend. Engaging story, interesting commentary on the role of reality vs. digital reality and a metric ton of 1980s pop culture references.

He is doing well — currently he has a walker, but he can scoot around, and is working toward a cane. His spirits are predictably high and he sends his best to all y’all. Shoot him a text, or, better yet, find a time to go pay him a visit.

Anyway, so with today’s workout — we started off with a pleasant surprise of Early Bird and Entourage. Good to see those familiar faces.

We technically started 30 seconds late because of #mumblechatter regarding the end of the NCAA Tournament and whether a perfect bracket existed. Bullwinkle I think got the idea that one did exist from, but I can’t be certain.

The chatter was still strong such that people stopped counting during COP, well, except for Slim Fast. Thanks for maintaining some degree of F3 decorum.

We had to split up amongst two playground sets for the bulk of the mini-Murph. I know there wasn’t much chatter on our end, aside from a lot of grunts and groans and such.

During the triple nickel, Slim Fast and I were talking BBQ. He apparently is trying his hand at making some pulled pork this weekend, so, he will be rubbing a butt on Friday at some point. Wish him luck in all of his butt-rubbing endeavors.

I hope everyone enjoyed our mini-Murph. I feel like breaking it up into sets makes it a little more digestible. After a couple of weeks of run-heavy, off-campus work, I wanted to keep us close to home, and, seriously, my abs and quads are still a little off-kilter. Note to the wise, if you venture into Union County and find Glass Joe on Q, just go somewhere else.

It is a privilege to lead this group as Co-Site Q and it’s always fun to lead a workout here as well. You guys make it awesome week after week.

Sound off with any missed mumblechatter in the comments!

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