Suicide Island

Suicide Island

The lot filled up quickly with Kevlar regulars, some visitors and some F3 founding members in attendance. 13 joined what would be an offsite, slightly risky tour de downtown Matthews.


I gave my disclaimer letting everyone know that if I go down to not give me CPR and just let me die. Joker was having none of that and said he would welcome the chance of saving my life. Before things got too awkward, I increased the pace…


The Thang

Took the crew over to Aldi to christen the lot with sweat and celebrate their new building. If I had 25 cents on me I would have done some kind of shopping cart related warmup. Stupid expensive shopping carts. Quick warmup with IWs, Merkin/Mountain Climbers, SSH.


Gathered up and headed across Hwy 51. Looked like an easy cross at 5:35am but we all got stranded on the newly named “Suicide Island” due to the apparent Nascar race going on in Matthews this morning. Pop Tart suggested that we incorporate the island into our regular AO. Can’t wait for his next Q.


Went down Lois Dr. and had the PAX run their mile pace to the stop sign at Matthews Help Center – only Joker and Rhapsody seemed to know their mile pace. They set the tone early.


Station 1 – Railroad tracks

  • Increasing Sister Mary Catherine’s at each lampost (2, 4, 6….to 12)
  • 10 burpees while we waited for the PAX
  • Partner Up
    • P1 – Runs
    • P2 – Derkins, Dips, Toe Taps (Flap Jack with 5 hand slap merkins)
    • x3

Station 2 – Pizza Peel

  • Same Partners
    • P1 – Runs
    • P2 – Burpee jump ups onto wall
    • x3 


  • Cross Street and back at lamposts increasing Squat Jacks (2, 4, 6….t0 16)
  • Run back towards school with reverse run, shuffle
  • Cross road – even trickier this time

Station 3 – Hill – Called Exercise

  • Merkins – Sprint Up Hill
  • Derkins – Sprint Up Hill
  • Carolina Dry Docks – Bear Crawl up hill


Station 4 – Wall work

  • 10 donkey kicks – bear crawl to sidewalk – 5 merkins
  • 10 derkins on wall – bear crawl to sidewalk – 10 merkins
  • 20 thigh slappers – bear crawl to sidewalk – 10 merkins


Circle Up

Full sit ups, flutter, merkins and….done!




Nobody died crossing Hwy. 51 today. We’re now 2 for 2.


We went pretty far offsite so mad props to those not expecting to run and to Cage who is nursing a sore (maybe torn?) ligament.


Great push to stay together by everyone. Busch, Rhapsody and Joker all were flying this morning. I always think the 40 year olds will start getting slower some day but Busch and Joker keep getting faster. Cocaine must be a hell of a drug.


Thanks to those of you who hung back to help cross the road. We’re gonna have to find a better place to cross, or just stay at the school.


Horsehead made sure to remind everyone that you need to raise your hands in the air for true Sister Mary Catherines. Confession, most of us cheat on those if that is a requirement. Just don’t go smelling your armpits with your hands beforehand.


Good to see Christmas out, I’ve seen him before but not much at Kevlar. Sunshine posted without his crew of Covenant Day peeps so he’s now officially hooked.


Announcements – 

Brolympics later this month – don’t have the details but you can find them somewhere on the internet


Mancave – come out to fellowship with other F3 guys at Panera at the Arboretum right after the workout. No need to study beforehand but we’re reading the daily devotion on if you want to get more involved. All are welcome.


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