BROlympians Take Over RockZero

BROlympians Take Over RockZero

8 men gathered in the cool morning and launched promptly at 0700. One went down (but got back up) before 0701.


  • Mosey through the lots towards 51, successfully dodging cracks, ice and moving cars
  • Circle up in the lot next to the “island lot” for disclaimer and COP
    • All IC: IW x10, CDD x10, Windmill x10, 8-count HR burpee x10, low slow jump squat x10
  • PAX were informed we would be starting with a hot mile
    • Run out parking lot and left on 51, run all the way to Elm and turn around, run past the entrance we came out of to the entrance by the rock pile, turn in and finish in the center of the “island lot”
  • 4 stations of coupons (heavy day @ RockZero) waiting in the lot. Divide into 3 groups and pick a station
    • Station 1: buckets (65-80 lbs) — carry to the end of the lot and back (~200yds)
    • Station 2: 50 lb dumbbell or 28kg KB — suitcase carry to end of lot and back, switching hands as needed
    • Station 3: KB (25, 30 or 35 lb) — 30 American Swings (like a regular swing, but go all the way overhead)
    • Station 4: Sandbags — 10 bent over row, 10 clean & press
    • Round 1: After each station you will run down 51 to a light post (1st light post the 1st time, 2nd the 2nd, etc.) and then rotate stations clockwise. Go until you have done all 4 stations (4th light)
    • Planks/push-ups/mary
    • Round 2: Repeat, but only run to the 1st or 2nd light each time (PAX choice)
    • Planks/push-ups/mary
  • Head back towards launch, stopping in one lot for
    • Bear crawl 2 spaces, run 2 spaces, BC 4 spaces, run 4 spaces, BC 6… to the end
    • Plank facing back down the lot for 10 low slow push ups
    • On go, stride it out back to the end
  • Mosey back to launch for COT and a take-out by Hops



We covered many more miles today (4.2-4.6 depending on the PAX) than any of us (including the Q) expected. Some grumbling at the end that this invalidated it being a true “Heavy Day” at Rock Zero, but I checked the official regulations and they simply state “at least 3 miles” and “use heavy stuff.” Check, and check.

What can I say, I can’t help but bring The Brave and it’s 4 mile minimum wherever I go. If you survived Rock Zero today (everyone did, and then some), then come check out The Brave sometime. It’s on Fridays so I’m pretty sure it’s ok to advertise it in this BB. #soManyRules

Plan today was to bring a little bit of training for the upcoming 2nd Annual BROlympics to RockZero. We covered a lot of the events today, including the 1 mile run, bucket carry for time, American KB swings, and we even worked our grip strength to get ready for the dead hang. Wasn’t sure how the church would feel about the KB toss, so we left that out. Either way, between the heavy stations toasting our CNS and the excessive continuous running, today has been an eat-everything-in-sight, hurts-to-wash-my-hair, take-a-nap kind of Saturday.

Buckeye went down early hitting a crack in the sidewalk, but shook it off pretty quickly. It’s understandable, the guy is top heavy with all those biceps. Couldn’t decide if BLC wanted to hit me or was enjoying himself, but he crushed it either way. Haven’t been around Boerwors long enough to say his name correctly, so I didn’t try. Everyone dug in and didn’t voice any complaints (that I could hear). Really great crew out today and really enjoyed spending the morning with all these guys who I don’t get to see very often (or met for the first time today).



  • DMZ is going North on Monday and meeting at Independence Park to work out with Bout Time who is spending his days at the hospital again as Jennings goes through round 2 of his chemo treatements. Clown cars will be available. Hops organizing so reach out to him with any questions. Make it up there if you can. Either way, keep the power of prayer going for Jennings and the whole Palmer family.
  • BROlympics 2 is coming on 2/24. Being an F3 event, it is completely free and open to all men and all regions and will be bigger and better than last year. Come get all the Fs you can handle. Compete in 1 event, all the events, or just come to volunteer or mock encourage the other competitors. Details and a link to pre-register are here:

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