Back where I come from

Back where I come from

On a chilly Monday morning as we awaited take-off, Pele reminded me that Base Camp was where it all began for me as an F3er, and he was there to help give me my creative name (Brian Adams + former baseball pitcher). I still have memories of that first post— elbow planks and bear crawls on the asphalt.  My thoughts were, “Man, I’ve gotta either toughen up or start wearing gloves.  Or maybe both!” Base Camp is always a well-attended, dedicated group of guys that start the week off on the right foot.  That being said, I didn’t want to disappoint!

A disclaimer was given at 5:30, and off we went for COT and then a journey off campus.  It went like this…

COT — Forward/Backward suicides using the parking lot basketball goals as our markers.

IW x 15, SSH x 15, Merkins x 10, Mountain Climbers x 10, LSS x 15

The Thang — Mosey down Strawberry Ln to Rosecliff, stopping at each Road Hump (yes, that’s what the sign says,  Not a Speed Bump, which must be different?) for 10 merkins and 10 squats at each.

At the beginning  of Rosecliff and the top of the next hill on Rosecliff, the exercises were 5 merkins, 5 squats, and 5 burpees. At the bottom of the hill was 25 LBCs.  Repeato for a total of 6 times through.

Indian Run back to SCMS parking lot and partner up, with one lifting rock per group.  P1 does called exercise while P2 runs down ramp toward ball fields and back up the steps.  Exercises were bicep curls, triceps extensions, overhead press, and squats.

Final exercise was the good ‘ol protractor for 1 minute to end the workout.

Moleskin — Great start to Thanksgiving week! Maybe a little heavy on the running but, hey, I know we’re gonna have some rest later in the week.  Purell killed it today! Looking forward to his VQ at Death Valley on Wednesday.  Header is always a consistent performer, even after staying up late to watch his Eagles whip up on the Cowboys!

Thank you to Drano for the opportunity to lead. Stay safe and enjoy your Thanksgiving with family.  And lastly, I leave you with this thought that one of my old coaches used to preach to me (and I think it still applies today to us men):

Do you want success, or the absence of failure?

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