Mountain Goats Attack The Danger Zone

  • When:10/6/2017
  • QIC: Benny
  • The PAX: Lois, Drano, Costanza, Sony, Adobe, Mouth, Purell, Sensei, Fleetwood, Benny(QIC)

Mountain Goats Attack The Danger Zone

10 Mountain Goats arrived as yours truly was given the keys to Mountain Goat with Site Q’s Retread and Slim Fast being out of town leaving to my first q at Mountain Goat. After a quick disclaimer and a couple warm up laps around SCMS with high knees and butt kickers were thrown in we set our sights onto the main event.

The Thang

Today’s objective although simple had a lot of things your QIC did not see happening, the plan was to run from SCMS down 51 to one of F3 SCLT’s most revered and hallowed grounds the Dunkin Donuts on Colony and Rea. Plan was to regroup by Calvary Church around 5:55 to collect the six and return to SCMS. If time permits, add a repeat on the Danger Zone. Your QIC and the pax weren’t expecting the sidewalk construction on both 51 and Read during the work out. My apologies Q fail on my part there, guess that what happens as Lois says “You’re taking us to the Danger Zone Benny?!” after Drano broke the message prior to QIC announcing it. After collecting the six we circled up and that was a rap.

4.5-6 miles completed depending on the pace excellent job Mountain Goats!

Goat Skin

  • Welcome back to Mountain Goat Sony! It has been awhile since we’ve seen you post here, while on the Danger Zone Sony took a nasty fall on the construction area. Your QIC then ran as fast as he could back to SCMS to pick him up however, Sony wanted to finish out his run excellent work out there!
  • T-Claps to Costanza, in his third time out to Mountain Goat he’s officially now run 5 miles! You were killing it out there on the Danger Zone with Drano
  • Purell once again was going strong out there, think he may find himself on whichever 2018 F3 BRR Team claims him up first. Keep up the good work Purell
  • Adobe and Fleetwood also both looked strong out there today, as well as Mouth for not only making his presence felt but also for being Sensei’s guide or really Sensei guiding Mouth sounds more like it
  • Loads of 2nd F opportunities during and after the workout, you guys seriously crushed a pretty challenging workout today. I’m sure there is many more memories I missed, don’t be afraid to share it!
  • Thanks again to Slim Fast and Retread putting me on the Q, it was an honor to Q and I look forward to the next Q if given the chance. Although next time I think avoiding construction paths is in order. It was great seeing lots of regulars and some new faces at my Q today as it was an honor to lead you all today.
  • Sensei thank you for taking us out at the end!


  1. F3 Golf Tournament October 27, open spots are still available!
  2. Tomorrow is the Susan G. Koeman… Speed for Need will be there and Nomad will be pushing one of the chariots. Please come out wearing your F3 gear and supporting Speed for Need if you aren’t already running this race.
  3. October 21st Big South 5k: Kilowatt and Benny will be running in this race on the F3 Team. The race benefits Middle School athletics and QIC will be running in support of Porter Ridge Middle School where he works.
  4. Joe Davis 5K/10K Run for Recovery sign ups are officially open! Not too early to start prepping, the race will be on January 6th.
  5. Come out to Base Camp on Monday at 5:30 AM where Drano will be the Q, he’s already promised that running will be involved.
  6. Java Run: Saturday mornings at 6 AM at the Bevington Greenway on the corner of Read and Bevington.

Thanks Sensei for the prayer out!

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