9 Servings of Goulash…coming up!!

  • When:09/22/2017
  • QIC: Fault Line
  • The PAX: Tackling Dummy, Fletch, Witch Doctor, Drive By, Big League Chew (R), Joker, Gummy, Cottontail, Fault Line (QIC)

9 Servings of Goulash…coming up!!

Gou·lash (ɡo͞oˌläSH): a mixture of heterogeneous elements
Credit to Gummy for describing our workout; but that’s exactly what we did this am. It wasn’t just beef and vegetables and paprika, we added a whole lot more and kept moving for an entire 45 minutes (except for Fletch who did more running to and fro the AO). Here’s the breakdown…
Mosey around campus to center cross for COP:
SSH, IW, Low slow squat, mtn climbers x 20; wide arm merkins, merkins, diamond merkins, all x 10.
Mosey to East Lot, pair up each runs opposite direction through lot, 5 burpees, run back 10 hand slap merkins, flapjack.
Mosey to lacrosse field, 3-man grinders, jump squats & merkins x 20 (two loops), LBC & good mornings x 20 (two loops).
Mosey North, each team grabs a rock, mosey to tennis hut. P1 runs , P2 press, curls, tricep x 10, P3 flutter, dolly, rosalita x 10. Rotate through each station x 3.
OYO, using bench, dips, derkins, merkins x 20 each. Mosey…return rock…mosey back to starting lot.
Run around mini-track: Lap 1 then 10 jump squats, Lap 2 then 10 merkins.
Circle up for Heels to Heaven x 20, then Carolina dry docks x 10.
Pretty solid bootcamp today, hitting as many areas as possible, moving fast in between. We started to leave the lot with 8, then Cottontail came in with his F250 on two wheels. Fletch made a return to Kevlar today, running in strong, welcome back. Joker represented today as usual, running fast and was rewarded with a little extra flesh from YHC…you’re welcome! Strong regulars out there, Tackling Dummy, BLC, Gummy, Witch Doctor. Drive By has a teach work day so he showed up for a good workout. Lots of healthy chatter and encouraging banter out there, everyone pushed hard. It was in fact a lovely day.
Couple announcements: F3Golf, DeSantos race, Southern Discomfort….look it up, sign up.

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GummyPosted on1:26 pm - Sep 22, 2017

Solid workout, Fault Line. I liked the variety. My only complaint was that my rotation in the 3-man tennis hut run was always with Fletch and Joker. They smoked me coming back from the island every time. We were all fortunate to make it through the killer rabbit attack right after we launched. That thing sounded like it was 50 pounds coming out of the trees.

Southern Discomfort is on 10/21. Ickey’s preblast here: http://f3southcharlotte.com/2017/09/15/southern-discomfort-2017-save-the-date-102117/

Pay special attention to the warnings about Body Glide (also ask Geraldo about taping up).

Fault LinePosted on1:57 pm - Sep 22, 2017

Oh that rabid wolverine was crazy! I forgot to mention that…instant heart rate killer.

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