“Unsavory” was an appropriate description

  • When:07/15/2017
  • QIC: Goonie
  • The PAX: Flipper, Deep Dish, Prohibition, Checkpoint (R), Taffy, Jet Fuel, Marge, Marlin (R), Gummy, Nemo, Retread, Goonie (QIC)

“Unsavory” was an appropriate description

Intensity: the quality of being intense

High intensity: a heightened level of being intense

Well, shit.  Google dictionary was no help on this one.  Rock Zero is supposed to be a “high intensity” workout.  What the hell does that mean?  Flipper just told me to make everyone hurt and if they hated me afterwards, I did my job.  Done.

The Thang:

Mosey out of Calvary across Rea to the library parking lot.  Avoid the j@ck@$$ going about 60 mph down Rea at 7:00 in the morning.  Circle up for a quick COP of stuff I don’t remember.  What YHC DOES remember is Gummy being so weak he had to modify the SSH.

Mosey out the lot up to Rea and 51, hang a right on 51 and another right on Cary Ridge.  Left on Coburn to the junction of Coburn and Cabell View Ct.  Instead of a Triple Nickel on this half-pipe, we’re just going to do three rounds for time’s sake (best decision ever).  Run down Coburn and back up until you hit Browne’s Pond.  10 HR merkins at the top by Cabell View, 10 merkins at the top at Brownes Pond, and every time you hit the bottom, do an ascending burpee count (1 the first time, 2 the second, so on).  This was, as Flipper described it, “unsavory.”

Once done, head back to to the library the same route we came, with several stops for the Q to catch his breath for Mary (you know, gotta work the core).

Head back into the library parking lot for the requisite partner work. Start with 10 partner derkins each. Wheelbarrow to the next street lamp. 30 prairie-fire Mary (10 left, 10 middle, 10 right), flapjack on the wheelbarrow back.

Finish off with a little Paula Abdul: bear crawl two parking space, do a merkin. Back up one space, repeat. Do that until the end of the lot. Again – “unsavory.”

Mosey back to launch. At this point, we had done so many Mary exercises that I was just making stuff up. We did about 2 or 3 more, threw in a bit of Protractor to waste time, and we were done about 30 seconds early. YHC was spent.


Coburn hills after Woodfox repeats on Friday at Mountain Goat was a terrible, terrible call. YHC’s legs were dead after this one. A lot of strong performances out there. Checkpoint is just a flat-out beast. He was way out in front on the half-pipe (REALLY far in front of Flipper). T-Claps to Flipper for running a 5k prior to this workout, despite YHC’s warning not to. Marge, despite his questionable form on merkins Squats Everything, was near the front and looking strong. Maybe Hydra is a real workout after all? Great job by Pro, as well, who got the double dose of Goonie and hills on Friday and Saturday. YHC knows how he feels.

Everyone was pushing hard. Lots of groans during the Paula Abdul, as well.

Thanks to Flipper for the opportunity to Q. Had never Qed a workout at Calvary before, and I felt like I only scratched the surface of all there is to do. Great AO (no way in hell we were going anywhere near North Face).


DV and Anvil converging on Wednesday. Hops speaking after on his “Make Boot Camps Great Again” tour (someone is a little salty at boot camps that actually have running and movement).

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GummyPosted on12:59 pm - Jul 19, 2017

I didn’t really “modify” the SSH; more like just didn’t do them. They’re bad for you. So is almost everything else we do out there, but still.

That Coburn half pipe is terrible. We had a nice audience there though – lots of dog walkers and other passersby. It think they enjoyed watching us suffer.

Goonie broke the unwritten rule (maybe we should write it down) that you don’t call Prairie Fire Mary in the summer. Too much sweat. Guys don’t want to touch either in Ball of Man these days, but we lay down on the ground, face-up while another man stands directly over our face. That dripping is coming from somewhere you don’t want to think about. Definitely keep your eyes and mouth closed.

Good workout though, Goonie. The summertime grind at RockZero is tough. It’s hot and humid out there every week. Also, the newly discovered patio next to the smoothie place is a great addition to the post-workout coffeeteria. Join us there after putting in your Saturday morning workout. Pro will buy you a pink smoothie.

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