Tennis Arms UNITE!

  • When:06/27/17
  • QIC: Bottlecap
  • The PAX: Transporter, Hollywood, Damascus, Jingles, Posse, Goodfella, Shop Dawg (R), Camacho, Doc McStuffins, Baby Bell (FNG), Lamar (FNG), Frack, Bottlecap (QIC)

Tennis Arms UNITE!

SInce YHC likes to stay current with today’s hot topics, what better way than to go with a Tennis theme with all the McEnroe/Serena banter.  What?  PAX don’t pay attention to tennis?  YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!


With 2 FNGs in YHC’s clown car, FULL disclaimer given after the lecture on the ride over. Cue the bad music and let’s roll

  • Mosey all the way to Tennis courts with exercises along the way
  • Enter Transporter
  • SSH x 25
  • IP x 25
  • Various Merkins x 25
  • Exit Transporter
  • Potato Pickers x 10
  • Box Jumps x some
  • SSH x a few
  • Plank Jacks x 25

1st SET

  • Time to get the #TennisArms swole (or modify to an exercise if you are Frack)
  • Partner up with opposite fitness level
  • P1 does fence excercise/P2 does exercise to and from tennis net
  • 2 times for each
  • #1:  Balls to Wall/Bear Crawl
  • Enter Transporter
  • #2:  45 degree balls to wall/Crab walk
  • #3:  PC with air press/Duck Walk

2nd SET

  • Mosey to Brick pile
  • Grab 2 bricks each for more #TennisArms
  • Colt 45s IC
  • Shoulder flies x 25
  • Curl to Press x 25
  • Steering Wheel x 25
  • Drop the bricks for AYG to top of hill and back

3rd SET

  • Put bricks away and mosey to bus circle with PC/Air Presses along way
  • Exit Transporter
  • P1 exercise/P2 runs circle x 2 laps each
  • #1:  Burpees
  • Enter Transporter
  • #2:  Monkee Humpers
  • Mosey back to COT
  • American Hammer x 30


  • Transporter either is really nervous during tennis matches or has SERIOUS bowel issues
  • Good to see Camacho post on a weekday
  • Nice job by the FNGs pushing themselves today; Kudos to Jingles and Posse for the encouragement
  • FNG Lamar apparently sprayed his knee brace with horse manure perfume #clowncarreakage
  • FNG Baby Bell going full Ken Griffey Jr with backwards ball cap
  • Impressive modifying by Frack; 75% of exercises were modified, 95% of exercises were bitched about, 100% of Merkins didn’t have a frown
  • Doc McStuffns and Goodfella really got into the #TennisArms spirit by throwing around a tennis ball the entire workout (Doc’s throw needs work Moneyball)
  • Damascus and Shop Dawg sneaky fast today
  • Love having Hollywood out there to push everybody; amazing to see how fast he can run after Monkee Humpers
  • Speaking of Monkee Humpers, the PAX had QUITE the dialog about the actual act.  Damascus would rather be celibate apparently
  • Thanks Shop for the nice takeout


  • No Sanctuary this Monday 7/3 (following week will be covering Chapters 11-403,873)
  • Sign up for American 4 Miler to support Speed for Need; pre-workout available

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