Good Ole Fashioned Death Valley

  • When:02/08/17
  • QIC: Puddin' Pop
  • The PAX: Bananas, Good Hands, Dollywood, Smokey, Joker, Floor Slapper, Dolphin (kotters), Flutie Flakes (kotters), Gaffer, Fireman Ed, Lex Luthor

Good Ole Fashioned Death Valley

At 5:01 I was in a seated position on the porcelain throne peering out into the morning fog.  It looked dank outside, which meant some of my well thought out planned weinke was about to get scrapped.  You know, a good leader always has a contingency plan, and I was definitely going to lean on that today.  Gave a quick what up to Fireman Ed and welcomed Flutie Flakes back south, took a quick stroll down underneath the “Home of the Shockers” sign (that always makes my immature ass chuckle a little) to the track to inspect the field.  Yep, too wet, let’s do something else.  By something else, do I mean Davey?  Nah.  Raintree?  Where’s Raintree?  Nope, we’ll stick to the basics on site at good ole SCMS, just like old times.  Don’t get me wrong, when guys are training for some kind of running competition, I’ll gladly oblige and stick to the six; but today called for some good ole meat n’ taters on site.

By the time i got back to the lot, nine other dudes were assembled.  Good, firm disclaimer was given, and off we went.  Mosey down to track for a lap, convene back at first corner for SSH x20, IW x20, LSS x15, MC x15, Good Mornin Nashville x? (this was a combo Q and Site Q fail as I asked Smokey to lead this one, and full on chatter ensued).  Somewhere during COP, Joker and Floor Slapper came trudging down the hill to join us.

Get in groups of three for some track work.  P1 stays on east side of track and does called excercise (Hand release merkins, CDD, Wide arm merkins).  P2 is on west side of track and does called excercise (LBC, H2H).  P3 is runner as timer in the middle on the corners.  At this time Joker (probably the fastest dude out there) asked, “what are corners”?  Good question as I have know idea what you call the curved sections of the track. Just run from one end to the other, while staying on the track.  Good enough?  I think so.  We completed a few full laps of this.  By the way, I went total clepto on this from someone who did this same thing about a month and a half ago.  Don’t remember who Q’d it, but it fell nicely in the contingency.

Stay in groups of three, P1 stays on track at the gate and does Jump Squats x20, CDD x20, dive bomber merkins x10, P2 is at baseball field bleachers doing Jump Ups x20, Dip x20, Derkins x10.  P3 runs in between as timer.  Few rounds of said grinders.

Grab the group from the track and head to the field behind lower left baseball field for triple nickel.  Diamonds on one end of fence, wide arms on other end, run between x5.  Crazy how there are still the obligatory questions about “how many times do we do x,y,z?”  It’s triple nickels fellas, do the math.

Mosey back up to lot, for Mary.


Not a whole lotta observations this AM as we were a little scattered, but some things remain the same.  Floor Slapper is ALWAYS late.  Joker is still fast, usually leaves early, but actually stayed till the end today; oh, and he seems to still want to be renamed “Jack Reacher”.  Not happenin brother.  Joker is still the best name in F3, in my opinion.  Maybe it’s my love for Full Metal Jacket and Batman, not sure.

Bananas can still talk…a lot.  Fireman Ed still goes home and takes naps after workouts. #jealous

Gaffer continues to post to most workouts these days, always good seeing you brother.  I do still like the Christmas beard though.

Good seeing Dolphin back out.  He’s been spending a lot of quality time with his wife at the Y that is “soon to be renamed”.  Try the Harris Y too, you’ll likely see certain PAX that take the winter off (eh hem, Semi Gloss, StageCoach).

Lex is a machine.  I think the Ruck thing is completely effective.

Flutie is still in shape.  He either has a really good pair of snow shoes in NH, or he’s always posting during his travels.  I’d say it’s the latter.

Good Hands, my fellow site Q, is like his brother in law with the quick wit, just a lot quieter about it.
Dollywood and Smokey, thanks for giving me the keys this AM.  DV will always be my first F3 workout. #tear

Dolphin, thanks for taking us out brother.  Always stay mindful of others and their tribulations.



Dollywood: Charlotte Eagles starting a boys soccer league.  Really good instruction with really good values.  Come to house of TR for more information on Feb. 22.

Fireman Ed:  Run for Colon Cancer on March 4.  Be on the lookout for details if interested.


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BananasPosted on10:28 am - Feb 8, 2017

Thanks for leading Puddin. Good times seeing all of you guys. Glad to see Dollywood and Smokey are making DV great again. I was just one of 12 talkers today. That’s when it’s fun!

Fireman EdPosted on11:24 am - Feb 8, 2017

I could tell it was a great lead Puddin, the nap afterwards was perfect.

JokerPosted on11:42 am - Feb 8, 2017

Many great novels start with a memorable opening line… think “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”. I would add the opening line in this backblast to the list of literary masterpieces, but might it be too descriptive?

Enjoyed it today boys. Saw some real old timers. Dolphin, was great to reminisce with you on your first Q at DV many moons ago. That was a top five F3 moment for sure.

JokerPosted on1:36 pm - Feb 8, 2017

Many great novels open with a memorable line… “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”… you get the idea. Well, Puddin, I would rank your opening line in this backblast as an all time great… ranks up there on the Mt Rushmore of literacy masterpieces. Very descriptive… but not a good visual.

Good work out there today boys. And Dolly I enjoyed racing you around the “corners”

BananasPosted on7:07 pm - Feb 8, 2017

Joker, is puddin paying you to bump up his comments number? BTW with the visual….his name is puddin pop for a reason

BananasPosted on7:07 pm - Feb 8, 2017

He drops them like it’s hot

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