SOFAWIB PB: Apparently / Buckets o’ Pain

  • When:11/15/16
  • QIC: Egypt
  • The PAX: Real men

SOFAWIB PB: Apparently / Buckets o’ Pain

So, last week’s PB motivated YHC to skip his weekly #crunchybabycrack of Ring Run, and instead post much closer to home at the wildly popular SOFAWIB.

And apparently, when you show up at SOFAWIB and increase the attendance by 25%, you get invited to Q the following week.

And apparently, you’re required to write a pre-blast, or Swiper hijacks your Q. So here I am.

  • Run the HT “mile,” keeping these SOFA nutjobs honest on what a mile is (hint: it’s not 0.67 miles).
  • One Eye or Cold Cuts (really anyone other than Kirk) grabs the first sheet out of the orange, paint-splattered Home Depot bucket. Use approved “outside voice” to announce exercise to the dozens of other Pax in attendance.
  • Run to the entrance to the high-end pizza joint (#notPapaJohns). Complete 10 reps of the exercise OYO.
  • Run back to the bucket. Rabbits continue with more of the same exercise until the 6 arrives.
  • Someone else grabs another paper. Rinse and repeat, but running to the entrance of Maria (Maria) Bonita, with 15 reps.
  • Rinse and repeat, running to the entrance of HT, with 20 reps.
  • Rinse and repeat, starting again at Brooklyn with 10 reps
  • Keep it up until we run out of paper (not likely), Sundancer passes out, or it’s 6:08 in the a.m.

0530 under the light of the SUPERMOON, @ Ye Olde Providence Elementary by the Marsh.




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