False Advertising

  • When:12/14/2015
  • QIC: Mr Drummond
  • The PAX: Agony, Doogie, Baracus, Cheese Curd, Chappy, Blades of Glory, Gerber, Pot Hole, Bucco, Brushback, Rachel, Chelms, Bout Time, Hops, Bushwood, Spackler, Bounce, Mr, D (QIC), Gangsta Mouse, Luxor

False Advertising

The Thang:

  1. 20 Merkins OYO
  2. Quick Mosey to Carmel Middle – Mini Plank O Rama
  3. Mosey to Side of School for Derkins
  4. Out to the field for three man grinders (each rep done twice by each team) – I.N.P.O. the exercises consisted of
    1. Merkins
    2. Alt. Lunge
    3. Burpees
    4. Squats
    5. LBCS
    6. H2H
  5. Indian Run for a lap (some consternation over speed – why would you do this slow?)
  6. Field Wind Sprints with assorted merkins thrown in
  7. Exit field – bear crawl up the hill
  8. People’s Chair
  9. COP with assorted core and the all so trendy Mahktar Burpee
  10. AYG back to camp


Charity Toy Drive is being conducted by some of the leadership of South Charlotte  – see webpage for details.

Keep a lookout for Holiday convergences as many of the workouts tend to do this time of year.

5 Year Anniversary Convergence at AG on 1/1/16.

Takeout / BOM (missed name here – cobains)


So Gangsta asked YHC to Q today as he would be out of town.  Apparently word did not spread of the change, so I suspect several PAX showed up expecting a patented GM Q were instead left to settle for YHC.  Cobains to the Pax as YHC neglected to check the field, and instead at the commencement of the Grinders found out the hard way that it was a mud pit – glad no one got hurt.  Quiet group at the onset which was unsettling to say the least, but glad things picked up around the time the derkins and sprints started.

Honored to have the opportunity to lead, especially at an AO with a crew as solid as DMZ.  Probably missed a few finer points on the BB – not trying to sell you short just felt like we blurred through this thing.  Luckily GM decided to show up and keep YHC on time and on point.


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EgyptPosted on8:25 pm - Dec 14, 2015

@Egypt was there too. He did nothing but complain about the lack of the promised Gangsta Q (still has never witnessed one in real life), called Agony “Waypoint” all morning, refused to do the Makhtar Whatever burpees on pavement, and left early…but still, he was there.

AgonyPosted on4:13 pm - Dec 15, 2015

Oh…”Waypoint”…thought you kept asking “got a joint”–made for really awkward grinders.

2) I’d call those bear crawls optional as some pax decided to play circus bear and use their two feet.

b) I thought we discussed the cultural insensitive of Indian Runs that they should be called “linear group fartlecks.”

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