• When:12/8/2015
  • QIC: Horsehead
  • The PAX: Fire cat, Nomad, Countertop, Hairband (LIFO), Shepherd, Hoodie, Doc McStuffins, Happy, Kiefer (extreme LIFO, Short Circuit, Glass Joe, Glass Joe's foot, Horsehead (QIC)


12 men posted this am for the #perfectworkout.  11 followed my Q, with the other following his GPS through the dark alleys of western Union county until he found us during the final throes.


Jog to the end of the archipelago

Warmup COP, all IC

  • SSH
  • Squats
  • Windmills
  • Peter Parker

Jog back to the start, giving instructions while running backwards in front of the group (risky)

The perfect workout:

7 islands spread over 225 yards – perform 7 reps of the first exercise at each island, then run back to start point and switch to the next exercise.  Repeat until all 7 exercises completed, with a little plank regrouping in the middle.

  • rockhoppers
  • squats (not little baby squats)
  • merkins
  • jump knee tucks
  • sister Mary Catherine
  • LBCs
  • Burpees (start at 1, then increase rep with each station)

Move to the large hill at the end of the AO

Stairway to 7:

1 merkin bottom of hill, 1 squat at top.  Increase reps by 1 until you get to 7 merkins at bottom and 7 squats at top.

Run back to parking lot for Mary (all in cadence)

  • LBCs
  • Dollys



  • Toy Drive – Countertop on Q     link
  • Happy collecting business wear and suits    link
  • JD Race coming up in Fort Mill     link
  • Glass Joe’s foot hurts



Workout concept started with analyzing the site over Google Earth.  I saw  6 islands, spread over 225 yards down the side of the AO and thought of doing an extended “beast”.  Then it came to me, why do something of the devil when we can do something of the Lord?   A 2nd look revealed that the middle island was split into two, giving us 7 stations instead of 6.  Let’s go with this theme instead.  7 is, after all, a symbol of perfection in the Bible.  Felt more like 7 bowls of wrath though . . .

Speaking of perfection, what is not perfect is Glass Joe’s foot.  I learned about this via a text last night, where he described his foot ailment to me in great detail.  Had this not been enough, I opened my truck door at 5:20 this AM to join in on a follow-up 10 min discussion of his foot, complete with details of shoes, inserts, specific pain trigger points, and how he planned to post at workouts all week in order to completely disregard any medical advice that he  paid for last week.  Foot discussions were maintained throughout the workout and after COT, keeping with the theme.  In summary, Glass Joe’s foot hurts.  Just kidding buddy . . . hope your plan of back to back Qs works out.  #doubtful

Good to have the Chilean Vet Doc McStuffins and 2nd time poster Fire Cat join in on the workout.  Couldn’t keep up with the Doc during the main event – he led the field the whole way.  I think he is secretly a Patagonian Toothfish.  Fire Cat hung in there until we headed to the hill, then went mysteriously missing for a bit.  Good call by Happy to send a scout back to check up on the brother.  Turns out he was fine, but had left a lung  back at the first island and was searching for it.

Not sure what Kiefer plugged into his GPS, but he rolled up at around 6:10 claiming bad coordinates.    We counted him anyway.  Better luck next time.

This is a great AO with lots of opportunities, many still unexplored.  Numbers are strong too.  Let’s keep the momentum going through the winter men.

Need a UnionCo tag for the backblasts.  Somebody get somebody on this.


Yours Truly,





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HorseheadPosted on8:45 am - Dec 8, 2015

BB up by 8:30AM and I am 4th in line for the Tuesday A51 workouts . . .

Hair BandPosted on9:06 am - Dec 8, 2015

Great Q for the 30 minutes I was there, I did think you were calling me the extreme LIFO until I saw Keifer showed up with 5 minutes to go.

I as usual don’t like the running and although I was wheezing at one point I’m glad we did it. It’s all helping me get back in shape after the #dusty knee I dealt with for a few months.

Why do we need a specific Union BB hashtag if @F3unionco & the workout are addressed in the tweet? Am I missing something? If so… #F3UCBB?

As far as winter, many guys drop in winter. Don’t do it! that is when we get stronger/faster as others #fartsack through the cold. One of the fun #CSAUP stories of last winter was the 7° Overdrive beatdown. No hypothermia and no frostbite and layers were actually shed. #stronger

HorseheadPosted on9:14 am - Dec 8, 2015

tag for the BB – F3 site

Glass JoePosted on9:15 am - Dec 8, 2015

I also mentioned that you could give me a foot massage to help. Apparently, you aren’t putting your brother first.

Good Q today. The AO is set up perfectly for those style workouts.

Happy_a51Posted on3:12 pm - Dec 8, 2015

We were missing a few regulars today so it was nice to see a couple new faces mixed in. I must have still been under an Ambien induced blackout….it seemed like the workout was over in 10 minutes!

Doc McStuffinsPosted on5:49 pm - Dec 8, 2015

Great workout today, Horsehead thank you so much for the Q, was definitely tough. Great group of guys and excellent location, I am not use to have that much light during our workouts. Thank you again for having me and I look forward working out with you guys again soon.

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