The Charlotte Catholic Triangle

  • When:120415
  • QIC: Frasier
  • The PAX: Chelms, Cain, Mermaid, Snowflake, Margo, Triple 7, Rip Curl, Abacus, Swiper, Dory, Mermaid, Mighty Mite, Cheese Curd, Champagne, Dear Abby, Lorax, Scabby, Brushback, Gerber, Frasier

The Charlotte Catholic Triangle

The preblast was sent out yesterday.  Mermaid drew a niffy diagram to help illustrate what my words were trying to say.  Surprisingly the majority of the Pax read it.  Instructions were given to the Pax that did not study before the test.  The idea was to give variety to the workout but keep everyone close together in a competitive way.

The triangle consisted of running from the AO parking lot to the picnic benches at the front of the school were you do twenty of each exercise.  Incline/Decline merkins and dips were the called exercise.  From the picnic benches you run to the first set of stairs at the parking deck.  You run to the top were you complete ten Sister Mary Catherines.  Run to the next set of stairs and down to the bottom where you do ten Sister Mary Cahterines.  Run to the last set of stairs at the end of the parking deck to the top where you guessed it ten Sister Mary Catherines.  Run across the deck to the first set of stairs, back down the stairs and back to the AO parking lot.  There you complete twenty of each Mary exercise.  They were American Hammer aka Russian Twist, Flutter, Dolly and Freddy Mercury.  That is one circuit.  You complete as many circuits as possible before time expires.

The disclaimer was given and quickly Swiper began heckling the Q that there was too much talking.


SSH x 10

IW x 10

Merkins x 10

Once we were done the bell sounded and off we went into the Triangle.

Moleskin: I believe competition is good and being challenged makes each of us stronger.  I know have gotten stronger not just physically but in so many ways because F3 pushes me.  The design around today was to allow all of us to feel pushed.  I know i felt that today.

Everyone seemed to be going hard.  The look on most faces was discomfort which is the goal.  Push your limits.  Everyone out there this  morning tried hard and challenged themselves.

Chelms seemed to be making attempts at good form at least through the first round.

Most guys completed between four and six rounds.  We covered just over three miles not counting the stairs.

Great work today men!  Hope everyone has a fun/safe weekend and your team plays well on Saturday.  Go Panthers on Sunday!


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MermaidPosted on8:21 am - Dec 4, 2015

Great set Frasier. Well balanced and hard. May be a record for fastest BB turnaround. Well done on all fronts, not to mention your victory on the circuit, which, unsurprisingly, you left out of the moleskin. I appreciate the double mention in the pax list. I was at 3.7 on the Garmin and 6.2 with run in/run out. Awesome start to the day.

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on8:35 am - Dec 4, 2015

What is “niffy”? Should Mermaid be offended?

I have to point out that I did not listen but should, regardless, get extra credit for extra set of SMC’s for each round (did 4 sets instead of 3 – #hardofhearing). At least that should make up for my bad form.

Only way to make it hard is to carry a brick. Next time.

FrasierPosted on8:53 am - Dec 4, 2015

I believe you got bronze Mermaid but more like gold when you consider the run in. Sounds like you are turning into a runner.

Chelmsford next time I will speak into your good ear #respectyourelders

Cheese CurdPosted on9:28 am - Dec 4, 2015

Well planned and executed, Frasier! Up until 6:11 and you just past me/lapped me! Guess someone has to keep an eye on the six!

ChampagnePosted on1:24 pm - Dec 4, 2015

Solid one today Frasier – enjoyed it and glad for the audible from the jump-ups – that would have been cruel and usual punishment..Looking forward to your Brave Q

ScabbyPosted on3:35 pm - Dec 5, 2015

I did not read the pre-blast. Nor did i see mermaid’s diagram. I did not post to the ‘test’ with sharpened #2 pencils. I was not prepared and i did not like it. caveat emptor.

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