#Devil’s Turn – Talk Turkey

  • When:11/26/15
  • QIC: Stump Hugger
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Haggis, Teddy, Frasier, Stump Hugger (Q)

#Devil’s Turn – Talk Turkey

Talk turkey definition: “To talk serious business; to talk frankly. We’ve got to sit down and talk turkey—get this thing wrapped up. It’s time to talk turkey and quit messing around.”

Main Event:

5 show up – 3 for 6 plus miles and 2 for 4 miles on the route known as Piper Glen Old Course (aka The Hills Have Eyes)


Today’s run was not planned since I needed to be back to the crib early. Thought I would tweet it out and see who would meet.  Haggis says “I want hills and I want them fast” and who can argue with a legend. Teddy just smiles and then eyes roll to Frasier to see what his plans are. Frasier a very humble man who makes this look easy just smiles and replies that he will run whatever the group wants. Discussion focuses on the six, this six has learned a few things. 1) Running alone builds character. 2) Chasing the fastest makes you work harder. 3) Someone is always chasing someone else regardless of pace.

Plans were simple for me because Mall Cop had inquired the night before about the route. We decided SCMS. Haggis was convincing and YHC has not posted at DT since September. Mall Cop was not thrilled, but easily convinced of the plan. Plus it was great to run with MC his iron sharpening got me over those nasty hills.

YCH could not see Teddy, Haggis, or Frasier because the hills are so tall. Haggis was happy with his 7.12 pace.

Haggis closed us out with a great prayer about being thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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