Doogie Gets His VQ

  • When:08/24/2015
  • QIC: Doogie
  • The PAX: Cheese curd, Gummy, Pothole, Checkpoint (Kotters and R), Agony, Razorback (FNG to Dmz), Chappy, Film Fest (R), Love boat, Love bug, Hammer, Sky walker, Mr. Clean, Snowflake (R), Backdoor, Bushwood, Stage coach, Kirk, Sprinkle, Doogie (Q)

Doogie Gets His VQ

Posted on behalf of Doogie:

Run to school with 10 burpees at speed bumps

Circle in parking lot
Side straddle hop x 20IC
Merkins x 20IC
Mountain climber x 20IC
6 inches

Run and pick up rocks, run to track and circle up

Bicep curls x20
Tricep x20
Shoulder press x20
Pass rock left

1 mile run

Circle up with rock
Lbc x 20
Russian twist x 10
Flutter kick x 15
Pass rock left

1/2 mile run

Return rocks

Plank, right arm up, right leg up, regular
Left arm up, left leg up

Run back to start

20 began but only 17 stayed for the deflowering of Doogie’s virgin Q-ing experience (hopefully they weren’t too turned off by his inexperience)

Workout began at the Carmel park parking lot with a run to the middle school parking lot, stopping at the speed bumps for 10 burpees each.

Group assembled in a circle for side straddle hop and then murkins, followed by mountain climbers, followed by 6 inches…….followed by murkins followed by mountain climbers, followed by 6 inches (the patterns begin) Unfortunately Doogie’s miscues of “rest” vs “recover” didn’t help with the clarity of the work out

The group ran and picked up rocks and then assembled in a circle at the track. Began with Bicep curls x20, Triceps x20, and Shoulder press x20…..then pass rock left and repeat, Bicep curls x20, Triceps x20, and Shoulder press x2 (the patterns continue)

Then a mile run around track which sprinkle and Kirk led (no surprise)

Back in a circle on the grass, (except Kirk who didn’t want his white shorts to get wet for fear his unmentionables may become visible to the group) for a rock-assisted Lbc x 20, Russian twist x 15 and Flutter kick x 15….and then pass rock and repeat (the pattern concludes)

Half mile run around track

Finally the rocks are returned and we circle up for planking despite Skywalkers fear that we won’t finish in time. Nonetheless, first is right arm and right leg up then left, with Filmfest defending that the group is not a bunch of dogs.

Last, quick mosey back to the park

Commentary by Bushwood:
Great lead Doogie! The first one’s are never easy! Also, good to see the matching couple of Sprinkle and Cheesecurd out today. Y’all looked cute wearing the EXACT same outfit, complete with matching red visors.

Something is going on at the Whitewater Center on 10/4. Basically a big scanvenger race that benefits many charities. Also, Dredd will be there.

3rd F study starting on Monday, 9/21, at Panera in Southpark immediately following the Monday workouts. Leaders are Semi Gloss and Bushwood so you know it will be flat out amazing.

Sign up for the Mud Run on 10/24.

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Cheese CurdPosted on10:59 am - Aug 25, 2015

Good VQ Doggie. Gotta love a good beating from the Pax on a Monday AM! Much like your first post, your first Q you never forget.

Highlights: rock work…exactly what I wanted
Lowlights: 1 mile track run…followed by a half mile track run

At the end of the day, very effective weinkie. Well done


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