Disney Dad

Byrawhide Jun 3, 2022

I ran into Sloppy yesterday at Mugs and tried to EH him into Centurion. He asked who was Q. I didn't know. He told me to text it to him. Lo and b

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New Spreadsheet, Who Dis?

ByIckey Shuffle May 24, 2022

That title is atrocious, and I apologize.  It's Monday night and the words aren't coming as fluidly as they usually do.  Anyway, today marked t

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It’s a Hard [Rock] Life for Us

Bymidriff May 23, 2022

Exactly a year ago I q'd a rock-themed workout at Da Vinci. Why not run it back?? Props to One Niner for the pre-run. Disclaimer and we're off

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Where is everyone?

ByVoodoo May 18, 2022

YHC pulled into the lot at Calvary this morning with about 5 minutes to spare and found Big League Chew and The Worm waiting for me. Considering

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Welcome, Bulgarian Goat Bag!

ByVoodoo May 17, 2022

15 burly men (including 1 FNG!) showed up at Covenant Day School this morning to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Area 51's inaugural gear wo

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