Dreaming Up a Workout…literally

ByAckbar Aug 23, 2021

When I lead Q, I am a nervous wreck and sleep like crap, every time. Same when I preach on Sundays, I'm a nervous wreck and sleep like crap. And

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Elmers VQ

ByChicken Little Aug 23, 2021

At 5:18 am Elmers text the chicken a video of Motley Crew Kick Start My Heart !! HELL YEA.. So Schneider, o69 and I cranked that tune up to get p

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Grab a ball to start your day

ByDas Boot Aug 22, 2021

The hype was posted that there would be playing with balls at The Body Shop and 2 site FNGs responded excitedly, along with some familiar faces f

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The Crawl

ByDoughBoy Aug 22, 2021

Well, you know that you planned a crazy workout when you wake up the next day and figure out that you cannot play basketball because your entire

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Men of Waxhaw 2nd F Lunch Braintrust

ByDas Boot Aug 22, 2021

4 PAX gathered, solved world hunger and the Afghanistan situation, discussed string theory and made fart jokes. What did you do during lunch?

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