Rocking Out at The Bottom Line

Rocking Out at The Bottom Line

7 Pax gathered at this week’s edition of The Bottom Line.  If you have not made it out to this AO what is stopping you?  What other AO can you say that you have worked out in NC and SC at the same workout?

The Thing:

Mosey out of the Bridgehampton clubhouse and down a nearby cul-de-sac and back for a warmup.  There won’t be a whole lot of running for this workout so let’s get some in upfront.

Circle up for COP warmup consisting of IW, potato pickers, Mtn Climbers, Peter Parkers and Morrocan Nightclubs.  Now that we are warmed up time for the Motivator.  Motivator was picked up by YHC at Slaughter’s Q at Centurion a couple of weeks ago and liked it.  Motivator is in quick succession SSH x 10,  partial SSH x 10, feet out and ins x 10 and calf raises x 10…then down to 9 reps, 8 reps, etc. until 0.

For the main event YHC wanted to do some exercises to help those going through the Iron Pax Challenge.  Walk over to the rock pile and grab a lifting rock.  Partner up. P1 runs down to islands for called ab exercise while P2 does called lifting exercise with rock.  Keep flapjacking until the team hits the designated number.  The exercises went like this:

Round 1 = 200 total bicep curls with 15 H2H as timer.

Round 2 – 200 overhead presses with 15 flutter kicks as timer.

Round 3 = 150 tricep extensions with 12 big boy situps as timer.

Round 4 = 125 squats with rocks with 12 J-Lo’s as timer.

Return the rocks and circle up for last 5 minutes of Mary taking turns going around the circle to call ab exercises.  Everyone got to call one to not only work the abs but practice cadence counting and leading men in a workout.



Great work by all.  Thanks to everyone for putting in the work and leading Mary when the 6 was finishing their reps. The Brexit crew is getting stronger and faster out there in Bridgehampton land.  Toro and Inkwell HC’d to join Brexit tomorrow for his Q at The Maul.  Good job supporting each other and holding each other accountable.  Schooner noted during Round 3 that YHC was getting them ready for battle.  Either that or getting you ready to dominate the sailing circuit this year.  Glad to hear that F3 is helping Gimbells recover from hip surgery as he definitely puts in the work.  He will be lapping everyone soon.  Sweetwater had to leave us a little early but not before he selected a boulder for the lifting portion and rep’d it out without breaking a sweat.


  • Blood Drive 10/29 at Matthews Town Hall
  • Iron Pax Challenge has been fun and a success.  The “fun” continues this Friday at The Brave for the Week 2 IPC workout.

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