Holiday from Stonehenge?

  • When:12/27/2014
  • QIC: Frehleys Comet
  • The PAX: Outback, Market Timer, Haggis, Wild Turkey, Lex Luther, Morning After

Holiday from Stonehenge?

Well count our blessings I guess…only 7 made it out this morning but travel and the holidays seems like a logical explanation for the light crowd. Nevertheless, we tried to work off the over-indulging that no doubt occurred over the past few days.  It was much needed…

Warmup:  Jogged from launch to parking lot near the lake in the office park.  SSH x 20, Imperial Walker x 20, Merkins X 10 + Peter Parker Merkins X 10 (40 total), Slow squat X 20. All reps in cadence. Jogged to upper knee wall above the lake.

Workout: Derkins x 20, Dips x 20, Mary on the wall: LBC+Flutter+Dolly X 20 each. Run a lap around the lake and returned to the wall. Incline Merkins X 20, Dips X 20, Step ups X 10 each leg, lunges w/1 foot on the wall (10 each lag), Mary on the wall: Knee-ups+Bicycle+ Heels to Heaven X 20.

Jogged to fitness trail for 2 sets of 3 exercises: Dips or Supine Pull-ups X 15, Pull-ups X 10, 8-count Burpees X 5. Repeat. Jogged to bottom of hill on the street and ran 3/4 pace to the top of the hill for People’s Chair on the bridge+ shoulder presses X 30 in cadence + 1 leg holds for 10 counts.

Jogged to parking garage. 25 Merkins + run up steps to top. 25 more Merkins. Run down steps.  Mason twist X 15 + Protractor + Rosalita X 15.  Run backwards up 1 -level of parking garage and sprint back down for more Merkins (50 total) broken out as follows: Carolina Dry Docks X 20, Diamonds X 10, Wides X 10, Merkins X 10.  Bear Crawl + Bunny hop + backwards run up 1-level of the garage. Sprint back down to bottom. Run back to launch with 1 break in the middle (LBC’s X 20 + Merkins X 20).

Returned to launch where Haggis led the PAQ in 10 slow-count “perfect form” Merkins prior to name-arama.  Total running for the workout = 3.0 miles.

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