Back to Basics

  • When:12/26/14
  • QIC: Scabby
  • The PAX: Jamboree, Flutie flakes, Snowflake, About time, Purple haze, Lex luther, Fireman ed, Teddy

Back to Basics

Christmas has come and gone.  Time to get back to work.  8 punctual pax and one tardy Q posted at Centurion, the gift that keeps on giving, for some post-Christmas pain.  No egg nog was splashed, despite Q’s best efforts.

When the Q arrived at 5:32 due to one too many pushes on the snooze bar and the parking lot construction detour, no pax were in sight.  Thinking it was a Christmas miracle, yours truly was close to turning around and running back home to a warm bed and the expectation that his Q’ing days were over before they started.  Alas, the faithful pax turned up after a self-led warm-up lap and the workout began.

The thang:

  • circle up for sidestraddle hop, imperial walker, squat, and merkins (normal, widearm, diamond.  10x each)
  • run to carmel village.  Partner up. P1 runs the stairs/loop; P2 jump squats until P1 returns. 3x. plank-o-rama.
  • run to Charlotte catholic HS picnic benches for bench-o-rama.  20 step-ups, 15 dips, 10 derkins.  3x.
  • run to Charlotte aquatics.  bearcrawl up to lightpost, 5 merkins at top. Lunge walk down, 5 burpees at the bottom.  3x.
  • run to the (under construction) stadium parking lot.  Sprint to first lightpost, 10 LBCs, sprint to construction vehicles, sprint back to 1st lightpost for 10 more LBCs, then back to start.  3x.  5 burpees on the last rotation.
  • mosey to lower parking lotto finish up with some flutter, dolly, freddie mercury, and LBCs.


  • joe davis run + Unbroken movie event jan 10
  • brain cancer run march 21
  • plug for weekly ritchie run (sunday 6:15am @ freedom park train).

Solid effort by all.  It was cold out there so Q tried to keep the pace up; everyone responded well.  I look forward to leading again in 2015.  Happy new year to all!

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Chelms aka Tatertot
7 years ago

Thanks for taking the Q Scabby. Grinch brought me a stomach bug so not able to make it. From the BB it looks like our high standards at Centurion were properly maintained. Thanks and Happy New Year

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