On the 5th day of Christmas…

  • When:12/20/14
  • QIC: Freyleys Comet
  • The PAX: (11) Haggis, Market Timer, Puppy Love, Outback, Big Tuna, Fireman Ed, Wild Turkey, Patch Adams, Soft Pretzel, Rump Roast, Flo (FNG - Kevin McMurphy kmacmurphy@gmail.com)

On the 5th day of Christmas…

On a rainy but not too cold Saturday, a few of the regulalrs came and a few of the regulars decided to sleep in. Using a common theme for this time of year, last Saturday Dolphin conducted his annual “12 days of Christmas” routine so this week we took a similar approach with the idea of “5 days of Christmas” – 5 sets of 5 exercises for 12 reps.  Of course, this took less than half the workout so much more was accomplished…

Warmup: Jog to parking deck at Ballantyne Commons. SSH X 20, Slow Squat X 20, Imperial Walker X 20, Peter Parkers x 10 ea leg, 5 man-maker burpees (8 count in cadence).

Sprint up 1 level of garage for 1st set of 5 exercises @ 12 reps: Variations of merkins: Man-Makers, Wide, Diamonds, Carolina Dry Docks, regular merkins.  Sprint down 2 leves for 5 sets of legs: Jump ups, step ups, 1 leg curb lunches, jump squats, monkey humpers. Sprint down 2 levels for peoples chair followed by 5 sets of abs in cadence: LBC’s, Dolly, Flutter, Bicycle, Heels to Heaven.   Ran to the top of garage up 3 levels.  Repeated above sets (with sprints in between) of merkins, legs, and abs for a total of 6 sets (instead of the planned 5 = 30 total sets).  At the bottom of the garage, we broke up 4 X 100 yard sprints into intervals including bear crawls + sprint, bunny hop + sprint, high knees + sprint, and lunge walk+crab walk+sprint.  Finally, finished with 7’s for 100 yards conducting merkins and squats on each end followed by 5 more 8-count burpees prior to jogging back to the launch.  Since we had 1 minute left, we finished with merkins to failure.

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