• When:12/18/14
  • QIC: Crabcake
  • The PAX: Hearbreaker, Strawberry, Big Tuna, Go Daddy, Purple Haze, Spackler, Radar, Hairball, Prohibition, Chipotle, Pop Tart, Wild Turkey, Garbonzo, Market Timer, Boomer Sooner, Cable Guy, Morning After, Brisket, Crabckae(QIC)

While all the sites are doing there 12 days day of Christmas dose of pain, I planned something a little different. How about the 8 Holy nights of Channukah beatdown. The stories tell us that there was only enough oil to keep the Menorah lit for 1 night and instead it lasted 8 nights. So 19 Macabees gathered at the AO and entrusted that YHC would lead them to victory. The disclaimer was presented and here is where we began:
SSH x 25 IC
IW x 25 IC
10 Burpees OYO
MC x 25 IC
Mosey over to the speed bumps for directions:
20 merkins 1st bump. Run to 2nd bump. 50 LBC. Continue switching until last bump
Peoples chair until pax done
Bear crawl up and down hill
People chair 90 sec
Speed bumps in other direction, same format
20 CDD; 50 Leg lifts
People Chair on the large metal crate
Speed bump in other direction, same format
20 merkins; 50 full crunch, audibled to 25 after 1st bump
People chair until pax done.
Bear crawl up/down hill
People chair 60 sec
Mosey to side of target for leg workout
20 squates, run backwards across lot 20 side lunges (10 each leg), run backwards to start
Same foramt with 20 squates 20 reverse lunges(10 each leg)
20 squates; 20 forward lunges(10 each leg)
Head to the front of Target and on the way back perform set exercises.
20 diamond merkins in front of Target
20 military merkins in front of Harris teeter
20 wide arm merkins in front of Harris Teeter
50 LBC by Theater
Run back to Home.
Little time left for Mary
Flutter x 30 IC

While the enemy was stong and outnumbered us many to few, the 19 Macabees are even stronger and faught as a unit. Brotheres is arms understand how to watch each otheres back, so the Macabees prevailed in there battle. Great job. It was an honor to lead you into battle.

A lot of chatter at the beginning, but as we started, that seemed to die down. At one point, radar was talking about his hour spent sitting on the pot. More info than we needed at 5:30 but I’m sure Harris Teeter feels better about what you left them.
For maybe the second time since we started Rebel Yell, I saw the actual flag. Thanks Spackler for bringing it out or should I thank Big, Black and Country. Either way, it was nice to see.

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8 years ago

He left Harris Teeter nothing. He left the poor Cinema janitor a few treats behind the dumpster. Which, by the way, are where our hidden coupons are kept. Those shall from here on out remain untouched.

Reply to  Spackler
8 years ago

I spared the coupons. Just don’t do any wall sits back there. Actually, just don’t go back there for a while.

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