24, 16, 19, 32 Something like that

  • When:11/22/14
  • QIC: Chipotle
  • The PAX: Puppy Love, Strawberry, Market Timer, Wing Man, Heartbreaker, Lex Luther, Chipotle

24, 16, 19, 32 Something like that

Somewhat of a cool morning, no rain, and only 7  men showed up…..if only Freely’s was there.

The Thang:

Mosey over to parking lot in before Lock Ness entrance

15 x merkins

20 x IW

20 x SSH

Mosey over to Lock Ness Buildings…

Building one

20 x DIPS

15 x Incline Merkins

20 x squats

Mosey to Building 2

20 x Dips

15 x merkins

20 x squats

Mosey to fitness trail and partner up

Station 1 20 x Supine Pull-ups

Station 2 pull ups, 20 merkins, or 20 squats (your choice)

Station 3 10 x merkins

Rinse and repeat 3 times

Mosey over to Ballantyne Corp Place and stick with partner

Partner 1 run up to bridge and back

Partner 2 10 x merkins, 10 x diamonds, 10 x wide arms and repeat until partners gets back (flapjack)

Mosey to bridge over 485 and get into peoples chaair…arms out, presses (rinse and repeat)

Mosey over to Premier Parking Deck

Ran up first level stop for 30 x Puppy Loves, Ran up second level 30 x rosalita, ran up to third level 25 x flutter, ran up to level 4 and 25 x heels to heaven, ran to top level and 50 x LBC’s

Time to head back….QIC told the fast guys to go ahead stop at the enterance of Ballantyne Resort and do burpees until the whole PAX gets there…..amazing everyone stayed on same pace back to The Vine



Small Saturday crowd, however a good time as always.  I will be honest posting a couple days after you will forget counts and exercises, but seems close enough….My counting was at it’s best today for some reason meaning to stop at the usuals 15, 20, 25…whatever and doing the final cadence at 24, 16, 19, 32…hard to explain just had to be there.  A pleasure as always leading this fine group of men look forward to doing it again.



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