Last Minute Decision

  • When:11/08/14
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Floor Slapper, Huggy Bear, O' Tannenbaum, Beaver (Respect), Donkey Kong, and Alf (Q)

Last Minute Decision

YHC is heading out of town this weekend with the outlaws.  Assuming we’d leave early I didn’t think I had time to post, but the M said we weren’t leaving until about 10am.  At the same time Abacus was looking for a last minute Q.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Mosey to COP:

SSH x 25 IC

IW x 25 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Parker Peter x 10 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

The Thang

1 Mile run (out around firehouse and back)

Tabata stations with 1:00 work and 0:20 rest:


Hanging knee raises

Incline/Decline Merkins

KB Swings

Goblet Squats

Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls

One round each then break with some People’s Chair, air presses and lunge walk back.

Repeat Tabata circuit.

Tabata with Mary: LBC, Flutter, and Russian Twists for 1:00 each.

Repeat 1 mile run

Plank-o-rama to finish out the hour


Strong work by all the men out there.  KB’s were new to Beaver and Huggy Bear.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Amazon and Muscle Driver have some good deals.  Pick yourself up a 25lb or 30lb and get started!  OT doesn’t use them often but was doing some solid work out there as was Floor Slapper.  DK killed both runs and paced the PAX.

Always a pleasure to lead the PAX.  Thanks for the opportunity and apologize again if a bit of the music was not the Radio Edit version.  I like high energy music to get me going and there is an occasional poor choice of words there.  No 2.0’s this AM, so I guess we are OK.

Thanks for Floor Slapper for the send off.



Christmas Party.


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