Hydra Double Challenge: Step 1. Post Step 2. Bring used Shoes

  • When:10/23/14
  • QIC: Bugeater as Shoe Q
  • The PAX: Calling all Hydra pax

Hydra Double Challenge: Step 1. Post Step 2. Bring used Shoes



Okay Hydra pax a challenge has been submitted to F3 Charlotte. Joker has been designated our fearless leader to gather shoes across all of A51 region. He has tasked designated shoe Q’s to put on tireless campaigns to gather shoes from all pax. We are supposed to gather 500+ across A51. Tiger Rag has challenged shoe Q’s to gather lots of shoes or we will be embarrassed in some manner.  I do not know what is more embarrassing than the title of shoe Q. I think Joker and Tiger Rag would even have me pull them from your feet if necessary. My preference is to be a tad more civil and instead have you bring as many pair of used athletic shoes as you can to our Hydra workout.

This is a double challenge:

1. POST HYDRA: If it has been awhile since you have posted Hydra, then I invite you back out. If you are a regular, thanks for posting, and posting, and posting.

2. BRING USED ATHLETIC SHOES: yes, just men’s athletic shoes is all we can accept.

WHEN? Bring them to the 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13 workouts

Thanks Hydra Pax for posting and for supporting this cause,


Some Q & A based on instruction from Joker is below:

What are some of the details? What are we doing and why? Area 51 is supporting a broader effort across the F3 Charlotte regions [and slightly beyond] to collect at least 1,000 pairs of used athletic shoes to be donated to the Charlotte Rescue Mission [CRM].  CRM is a Christian-based recovery program focused on the homeless and those battling addictions [for more information, see http://charlotterescuemission.org/].  F3 has an existing relationship with CRM, including a Saturday workout [“Mission I’m Possible”] done with men at CRM. 

What about men’s dress shoes, or women’s shoes or kids’ shoes? Nope.

When you say, “used”, how used can they be? It’s a judgment call, but the shoes should be functional.  If they are completely falling apart, that’s not what we need at CRM.

What if the shoes are dirty and/or they stink like feet? Please wash them. 

What else? Tie each pair of shoes together… this will make it easier on us when we consolidate everything and I deliver it to CRM.

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