• When:05/12/14
  • QIC: Soft Pretzel
  • The PAX: Teddy, Market Timer, Frehley's Comet, Pebbles, Honey Bee, Mighty Mite, Wingman, Lugi, Madame Tussaud, Worm, Chelms, Philmont, Soft Pretzel.


Great morning for some kettlebells!  Weather was terrific and we had a good turnout from some of Area 51’s finest to drive the pace and push the workout.

The Thang:

Mosey to lower lot for warm-up: 25 x SSH, 20 x IW, and 15 x merkins (all in cadence).

Mosey to field for three sets of KB circuits + sprints.  Sprints consist of starting at midfield, AYG to the end, 50% on the length of the field back, then AYG back to midfield. 

Set 1: Lunge and One Arm Press (5 each side), 20 Two hand swings, “Never Surrender” x 8, 20 two hand swings.  (The “Never Surrender” is new to F3 as far as I know.  We’ll see if it catches on.) Sprints.

Set 2: KB merkins (right arm) x 10 in cadnace, KB Squats x 15, KB merkins (left arm) x 10 in cadnace, KB Squats x 15.  Sprints.

Set 3: Right arm rows x 15, Deadlifts x 20, Left arm rows x 15, 5 burpees.

Mosey to the hill for: 1.) up the hill, 10 merkins, down, 20 curls.  2.) up, 10 merkins, down, 20 upright rows.  3.) up, 10 merkins, down, 15 tricep presses.

Finish with Mary: Ladder with pull-ups (2,4,6,8), then alternate with people’s chair at 30 sec with KB.  Mary = russian twists x 15, dolly press x 20, dying cockroach x 20, rosalita press x 20, LBCs x 25.

Moleskin: Nice job by all the PAX with special mentions going to Teddy on the sprints and Madame and Wingman on the pull-ups – animals. 

Announcements:  Not a ton.  Question on what we’re doing with Memorial Day at Foxhole… stay tuned.  80 days until Philmont’s Big Adventure… stay tuned as well!

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10 years ago

Okay, I’ll bite: what’s a “Never Surrender?”

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