Hi Jack. Say hello and goodbye

Hi Jack. Say hello and goodbye

7 pax entered the gloom of Rebel Yell at its current location, just wondering what was in store for them. Was Jack going to show up, say hello and goodbye?
Here is what happened.
Jog to rear of school for warm up
SSH x 20. Perkins(perfect Merkins) x10 single count
IW x20. Perkins x15 single count
CDD x15. Perkins x 20 single count
Now were warm. Our special guests decides to show, Jack. Welcome. What do have in store for us?
Jack squats.
1 high knee jumps. 5 squats
2 high knee jumps. 10 squats
3 high knee jumps. 15 squats repeat until
10 high knee jumps 50 squats.
Legs are burning now. Let’s mosey to the center of the fields and circle up.
Jack decides to follow us
1 merkin. 4 shoulder presses
2 Merkins. 8 shoulder presses
3 Merkins. 12 shoulder presses. Repeat until
10 Merkins. 40 shoulder presses
Say goodbye Jack. I think your special guest status has just been revoked.
Jog to end of field for:
Sprint 60 yards 50 LBC
Sprint back 50 LBC. Plank until all done.
Sprint 60 yards 25 CDD
Sprint back 25 CDD. Plank until all done.
Jog back to back of school for some Mary
Dolly x 15
Rosalita x 15
Maybe something else. Can’t remember maybe I still had Jack on the brain
Let’s do some more sprints
Split up 2 groups, sprint 40 yards, then next person goes. 8 sprints per person.
Circle up for some Mary
Legs at 90 degrees, toe touches x 20
Protractor with a mighty mite 10 count. There was a pause(long pause) after 3. Maybe mighty mite forgot what was next or Jack was on the brain.
Walking lunges about 20 yards
All out sprint back to start

We’ll done brothers. Jack is a tough guest and he showed it today. Way to push through. Mighty mite was out in front on the sprints. Man is fast and just keeps going. Nice work.
I hope every one got what they wanted for Christmas and if you didn’t Jack was delivering for those who missed out.
See everyone at the new and reloaded site for Rebel Yell.

Look for info regarding a New Years convergence at South Charlotte Middle School.
Rebel Yell will be at The Maul site every Thursday 5:30am.

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