Bed Head Monday

Bed Head Monday

8 men entered the gloom and avoided the very temping fart sac on this cold rainy morning; even one with beginning to get famous Monday hair the Brew Fro. Finally the beat down pursued.

Warm up,

I nice slow 150 yard jog to the front of the school

1 burpee
2 brupees
20X MC
3 burpees
4 burpees
20X slow squats
5 burpess

Mosey down to the football field

Everyone lines up on the sideline and partners up
Partner 1 runs to the opposite sideline and back
Partner 2 does the exercise
Continue to flip flop until the total number is reached, plank after every exercise until the group is done

1st exercise 100 merkins
2nd 100 squats
3rd 100 dry docs
4th 200 lunges

Circle up for some Mary:

15XFreddy Mercury

To the end line on the foot ball field

20 yards of bear crawl
20 yards of crab walk
20 yards of plank walk switching directions after 10
30 yards of little baby frog jumps
30 yards of duck walk (with what I think was quacking produced by Robin Hood)
60 yard jog to the middle of the field

Head back to the launch point

Great job everyone today, looked good brought more energy than the Panthers last night. Thanks Smash for taking us out after the workout. Relo and Robin Hood good job on the partner exercise. Swiss Miss Welcome to base camp, it was his first workout this location, a regular at Stonehenge. I hope you enjoyed. Special thanks for the organizers of the Christmas party and Tiger Rag for opening his house to us all. Everyone have a good week; see you in the gloom soon.

Young Life 5K in March and the 5K for Rock Thrills brother in January

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