Man VS Buses

Man VS Buses

A pax of 10 men entered the gloom this morning for a beat down as they were surrounded by 30 buses.  The weather was perfect the rain held off until we were done. Let the fun begin the pax shouted.


Warm up:

Mosey around the buses
20 X SSH
20 X IW
20 X Slow Squats
10 X merkins 

Mosey to the baseball diamond

Infield work out around the bases
Starting at home plate
Bear Crawl to first, crab walk to second, long jump to third, lunge walk home

Outfield work out
 Starting at home plate

Run to left field 5 burpees then back to home
Run to center field 10 merkins back to home
Right field 20 squats back home
Plank it up until everyone is done

To the bleachers
10 X pull ups, 10 X dips, 10 X Carolina dry docks
Rinse and repeat

Plank up when done

Mosey to football field
Incline plank walk along the railing

Circle up
jack webs:  starting 1 merkin and 4 air presses up to 6 merkins and 24 air presses.

20 X LBC
10 X dolly
10 X  Rosalita
10 X heels to haven
10 X mason twist

Over to the track 70 percent sprint on the sides and a slow mosey around the corners

20 Carolina Dry Docks

Lunge walk to the top of the hill and Peoples chair 3 times with air presses optional

Mosey to the launch point
 5 burpees with 3 merkins at the bottom of each


Great job today pax mad respect to Grey Hound and Robin Hood, way to keep up with the youngins this morning.  Robin Hood thanks for taking us out this morning in the ball of man.  My bad with deleting or not saving the recording of the names and announcements. 

 Mudrun this weekend

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10 years ago

Great workout. Passport, ed or whoever I would like to get in the basecamp Q sheet. Be a good start for me to Q. Tks

Fireman Ed
Reply to  Udder
10 years ago

Udder come out Monday morning this week we will get you on the list to Q in the up coming weeks.

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