O Canada! Brew’s Home and Native Land

O Canada! Brew’s Home and Native Land

Well we had a Canada Day celebration with all kinds of fun facts to disorient the PAX and keep the pain coming.  Thankfully Jack was able to make it but couldn’t stay very long (it’s Base Camp after all).  We started out with 1 burpee for each Constitution that Canada has ratified…so no burpees to start.  With the shovel flag firmly planted and an imaginary Maple Leaf flying below we stepped off.

YHC digresses.  The rain almost let up too much but the PAX were still able to get at least a little bit wet.  Nonetheless, 14 PAX (1 FNG, Todd) showed up to start the festive week off right.

The Thang:

Jog to football field for:

SSH x 20

Merkins x8

IW x20

Merkins x8

Side Plank R

Side Plank L

Reverse Plank

Burpees x5

Bear Crawl to goal line then LBC x 10

Track finishing order to partner up

Prairie Fire Mary with partner x 7 – flapjack

3 sets of: Resistance Bicep Curl x 7, Plank Situp x7

2 sets of partner plank merkins x 5

Jack Webb to 5

Partner bear crawls half way to goal line then flip over to finish with crab walk while partner does LBC’s, then flapjack until partnership completes

LBC to 66 (33 years since Canada got an official national anthem x 2)

Then to

Squats x 66

Partner plank situps (1 for each province) x 10

Mary: Prairie Fire Mary x 7

Heels to Heaven x 10 (1 for every line in the national anthem)

Maria (French version of the Rosalita, the same but with French counting, thanks Dora)

LBC’s x 13 (1 for each province and territory)

Elbow Plank hold

Mosey to parking lot for 1 burpee for every time Canada has voted on signing the Constitution (so 1 burpee)


Thanks to the PAX for putting up with the theme, I had fun with it, the rest tolerated it.When Jack showed up YHC heard one of the PAX ask how many of these the Q could do to which I heard the response (not sure from whom) saying that he could at least do 5 so we did 5. During the Maria when YHC asked Dora how high he could count in French the apt response was to state that it was higher than the number of reps YHC could do (touche mate!).  Great to see Robin Hood out in the gloom pushing hard as well as Escargot who, despite the name and the injury was moving along at a record pace for a snail (hope you are recovering well brother)!  Passport challenged YHC to a race during part of the partner exercise and in true Canadian fashion YHC let him win.  Since he is on Q next week we’ll see what he can bring.  Snail Mail working hard out there to the point where he may need a rename some time down the road.  Strong send off prayer by Passport keeping the PAX focused as they dispersed for the day.


Evite for Pig Pickin, Bugeater is trying to firm up numbers so please respond

Thursday’s South Charlotte convergence is at South Charlotte Middle School with lot’s of pain promised, big hitters on Q so you’ll have to bring your A game.


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