F3 Dads

F3 Dads

What a terrific time we had with our 2.0s at the final F3 Dads of the summer!  We kicked off the fun at 0900 at Beatty Park. 

COP – SSH X 20, IW X 15, squats X 10, squats with your 2.0 on your shoulders X 5, burpees X 5

Mosey down to playground and did circuit training. Station one was 10 step ups, station two was 10 declined merkins, station three was 5 pullups or a 10 second arm hang

Mosey over to hill – 2.0’s ran up hill and did 3 burpees while Dads were doing merkins, when 2.0’s got back down we flapjacked.  Rinse and repeat 3 times.

Mosey up to softball fields where we had a kickball field, soccer field, and football field set up.  Split the 2.0’s into age appropriate teams and played games.  We switched games every 12 minutes so each 2.0 got to play all three sports. 

Below are some pics Bugeater took of our morning.  Thanks Bugeater!  Enjoy!  Thanks for your support with F3 Dads – we had great fun and all of the 2.0’s loved spending time with their Dads!  Psalms 127:3 says that our children are a gift from the Lord!

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