F3 Dads

F3 Dads

The shovel flag was planted on a beautiful Saturday morning at Colonel Francis Beatty Park and 18 F3 Dads took to the field with 36 2.0s leading the way.  Everyone to enjoy an hour of competition and fun!


Merkins w 2.0 on Dad’s back X5
SSH x 20
IW x 20
Squats x 20
Burpees x5

Mosey to home plate of softball field – split dads into two groups

One group ran to first base and did 10 merkins, ran to second base and did 10 mountain climbers, ran to third base and did 10 carolina dry docks, came home and did 5 burpees.  Group 2 ran to right field and did 15 lbc’s, ran to center field and did 15 bicycles. ran to left field and did 20 seconds of 6″, ran home and did 5 burpees.  Flap jack.

Split the dads into four groups and the relay races began!

Animal walk relay races… Bear crawl, gorilla, crab walk, Duck walk

Suicide sprint relay races with tennis balls, Hula hoop (with Dad and 2.0 inside) suicide sprint relay race with tennis balls, potato sack relay race, potato sack relay race with Dad and 2.0 each have one leg in sack, relay race with 2.0 filling up cup of water and racing with cup on head and then splashing the remaing water on Dad’s head!   

Mosey over to playground

Everyone go through one circuit of 10 declined merkins, 5 pullups or 10 second pullup hang, 10 stepups.on picnic bench 

Moleskin – Some games are just better suited for the kids!! In an animal themed version of relay races several 2.0s were hilarious to watch their interpretation of what a duck walk or bear crawl should look like.  Some dads found it difficult to get inside the hula hoop even before their 2.0 got in!  If the cup of water in Dad’s face was refreshing than the buckets of left over water felt nice I’m sure!  Overall it was a fun day with Dad and 2.0!  See you next Saturday 6/29 for the final F3 Dads of the summer!

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