Base Camp a simple walk in the park…

Base Camp a simple walk in the park…

In the pouring rain, 8 hearty souls left the safety and dryness of Base Camp (well not really we’d have been soaked either way but this sounds better) to go off campus to William Davie Park.

After the PAX assemble, thanks to the good idea from #Skywalker the actual shovel flag was hoisted and the PAX jogged down to William Davie Park, taking the road route, not sure we’d have survived the trail in this weather.  Stopping about half way along Hwy 51 for some exposure and:

SSH x 20

IW x 15

Merkins x 10

Get to the park and then:

5 Burpees on your own

Touch toes x 2

Partner up (size does not matter) for a Partner She Hate Me

7 min of:

Partner assisted Pull Ups (as needed) x 5

Partner plank sit ups (partner planks and holds feet while other partner does old school sit ups) x 10

Dips x 15 (finish as a team)

Partner Merkins x10 (paddy cake pushups I’ve heard them called)

After that time for a ten count…

Plank it up for a little plank work

Then 5 Burpees on your own

Mary showed up in the pouring rain, sometimes she’s just not a nice lady:

Rosalita x 15

Flutter x 15

LBC x 10 (YHC finds these really hard to count in cadence, I prefer breathing instead of counting)

Heels to Heaven x 8

Cumberland County Viaduct (thanks sort of to #Hops for this one) x 8 per side

Gather up the shovel flag and head back to Base Camp

Wave a hearty hello to the clipboarding cross fit ladies running the hill at the park, a few of the guys wanted to stop but we carried on regardless…

Fireman Ed taking the lead on the flag back, with Chewie jumping in (looked strong boys)

Then plant the flag for a few more minutes of Peoples Chair with optional arm raises and

Planking practice (BTW for extra credit if you’re up to it, a number of PAX pushed themselves inverted for the fun of it).  COT under the concession roof for the irony of it all…

We had Snail Mail and Dauber pushing each other hard on the way back, looking good guys, especially for only a couple weeks in!


Some good off campus work by the crew today, took the jogs slow and had a little 2nd F going on along the way.  Great effort by all, despite YHC declaring that no the rain should be finished prior to getting going, nobody quit on themselves today, especially during the partner work, could hear some good #mumblechatter from partners throughout, way to push yourselves guys.  YHC is always humbled to lead such a standup group!


#Runstopper is making a guest appearance next week at Base Camp to Q, he committed to making it a Base Camp worthy effort but a number of PAX committed to showing up just to make sure…

New Monday workout going on, DMZ, Area 51 Shirts are available for initial purchase batch, get yours ordered this week.  Too many new workouts to even remember, check the website to get the details, although I’m guessing it’s hard to keep that up to date these days also.  Shout out to #Skywalker for getting all the new workouts organized and to the PAX for showing up and pushing themselves.


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