Burpees for the People

  • When:11/10/12
  • QIC: McGee and Joker
  • The PAX: Punky Brewster, Crab Cake, Ocho Cinco, Slapshot, Cottontail, Far Side, Baby Boomer, Chris [FNG and son of Baby Boomer], Gekko, Chris Lapata [FNG], Soft Pretzel, Tug, THE Tickler, Dora, Donkey Kong, Paw Paw, Hokie Stone, Countertop, Pretty Boy Quarterback, APK, Turkey Leg

Burpees for the People

23 men gathered in the Area 51 gloom for the typical Saturday morning fun.

The Thang


Burpee Warmup
10xSSH / 1 Burpee
10xSSH / 2 Burpees
10xSSH / 3 Burpees
10xMountain Climber / 4 Burpees
10xPeterParker / 5 Burpees
10xImperial Walker / 6 Burpees
10xLBC / 7 Burpees
10xSquat / 8 Burpees
10xMerkin / 9 Burpees
800 Meter Run / 10 Burpees

1 Minute People’s Chair / 10 Burpees
15 Burpees / 50 Merkins / 20 Pullups
1 Minute People’s Chair / 10 Burpees
Partner Carry / 10 Burpees
Partner Drag

Joker QIC

100 yard run at 50% then plank

100 yard run at 75% then plank

100 yard run at 100% then plank

100 yard run at 75% then plank

“The Tickler”

-Squat with rock in hands X 40

-Curl with rock in hands X 40

-Shoulder press with rock in hands X 20

3 minutes of Mary

Bear crawl X 2

Lunge walk X 2 [with 20 merkins at turnaround and 20 merkins at finish]

1/4 mile run with sprint to finish

20 merkins in COT



McGee fit 105 burpees into his 30 minutes at the helm.  Ocho Cinco noted after the second burpee call that burpees early in the workout aren’t so bad. He did not double down on that comment later in the workout.

TClaps to Donkey Kong for powering through a tweaked back.

Pretty Boy Quarterback assured McGee that he would be at the workout on Saturday. Pretty Boy Quarterback followed through on his promise. He arrived during the Circle of Trust, which is a record for LIFO behavior in F3 Nation, surpassing Bootlegger’s 45 minute late arrival.  Upon PBQB’s arrival, Joker asked him to rep out ten merkins, so as to allow for inclusion in the headcount.  PBQB complied, with good form no less.

TCalps to Hokie Stone’s velvet sweatpants… a very strong fashion statement, that elicited — deservedly so — a fair amount of ridicule.  Don’t let the haters get you down Hokie Stone… wear those velvet pants with pride.  Just don’t wear a matching top.

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