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And we’re the three best friends that anyone could have…..

On an cold, rainy Friday morning, three pax decided to show up and give Mountain Goat a go. Here’s what we did:

We stretched. We ran to the Starbucks at the end of Bevington and back. We stretched. We then left.  



Super grateful for these guys coming out to push me. It really was a horrible, gross day to do anything other than sleep. In fact, that’s what a bunch of the normal guys seemed to do (yeah I went there. I’m talking to you, person reading the BBlast who didn’t show up.) But I digress…

Woke up this morning with no idea that the weather was going to be as bad as it was, so I decided to do the pre run. Headed into the parking lot right on time, and the iron machine known as Slim Fast wasn’t there. Puzzled, I decided to wait for a moment- and he rolled up a couple of minutes late…. looking like he got run over by a truck. 

He let me know that he was really under the weather, and wasn’t going to run in this mess, and three wheeled it out of the parking lot. With that, my first unofficial Q of Mountain Goat was under way. A quick solo mile pre run led me to hope and pray everyone else decided to just take the day, so I could get out of this mess. That prayer was not answered, as Insomniac and Adobe had rolled up. So… we’re committed. 

We did an nice an easy warm up down Strawberry to the Rosecliff intersection. We then set out. Discussion was had about pace- Insomniac initially wanted to start out around a 4 and a half minute mile, but Adobe had come out for the first time in a while so we settled on an easy 5 minute mile pace.

We struck out, and things were alright for about a half a mile- until we reached the hump in the road- not the bump. There’s a huge difference between the two if you didn’t know. We were up on that plateau for like 5 minutes… and finally came down right by the house at the bottom of Coburn that I merloted at that one time.  Just hanging there was a pack of rabid turkeys blocking our path- so Insomniac fought them off with a trident. It was crazy. He killed like 45 of them, so he’ll probably have to lay low for a little bit.

Once we got onto Bevington, we appropriated a small wooden ship that apparently some child had been building, and used it to sail down to the fabled land of overpriced sugary coffee. 

Once there, we traded the ship in for several Decaf, no foam soy  Carmel Macchiatos, and struck out back towards South Charlotte Middle.  Adobe disappeared for half a mile, only to jump out of an unmarked SUV at the top of Bevington. He wouldn’t talk about what happened- something about “Family Business.”

From there, it was pretty uneventful- we had to dodge turkey carcasses , I almost threw up the bannna I had earlier heading up the hill on Coburn and we had a beard growing contest from Brown’s Pond to Rosecliff (Insomniac won…. with Adobe in a close second). Total mileage ended up being around 4.20 (Go Boone!).

Seriously- I’m so grateful for these guys. Insomniac keeps on getting stronger and stronger, while I’m so glad to see Adobe made it back out. Adobe and I actually talked about how he hadn’t been out in a while last Friday at work, and he Hard Committed to coming back out. T Claps to holding to it even with the weather. 

Insomniac said something insightful as we were walking back to the cars. Essentially, if we can come out and run in this weather, we can do it anytime- and I totally agree with that. At the end of it all, we were all wet, cold, tired- and better off for it. It’s the magic of F3- no matter the weather, no matter how many show up, we all sharpen one another. I’m so grateful these guys showed up- I know I was better for it. 

Thanks Slim and Retread for letting me lead- hope both of yall feel better!


If You Can Hear My Voice….

It was another Tuesday in paradise, and 16 PAX decided to partake in the beat down that is Skunkworks:



To the rock and back

20 X SSH

5 Burpees

20 KB Swings

15 Imperial Walkers

20 Good Mornings

Partner up for Catch me if you can (Church Loop)- 10 Jump Squats

Meet at the front doors

Ring around the church- except OPPOSITE our normal direction

Round 1: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Overhead Press
• Round 2: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 High Rows
• Round 3: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Goblin Squats
• Round 4: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 KB Merkins
• Round 5: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Partners Choice

Mosey to the square

Called Exercises, then run up and down steps

Round 1: 20 One Arm swings 10 each arm

Round 2 (Alternate staircase): 20 Cleans  10 each arm

20 snatch, 10 each arm

20 Lawnmowers 20 each arm

Mosey on back to the school for Mary

10 Burpees




Paintball with your 2.0 down at Palmetto Springs over Christmas Break. See Bulldog if interested- 2.0 has to be able to take a paintball AND LIKE IT.

Prayers for Huggy Bear- Having surgery on 12/11 for tumor.


This was a hardened, veteran group of PAX who came out to Skunk. The Mumble chatter was so loud, I we actually had issues getting started at 5:30, it didn’t seem that anyone was really interested in listening to anything  I had to say (or  just another Tuesday- it’s ok, I only cry on the inside).

Luckily- I know just the trick for a group with the combined maturity level this one has- the good ole grade school “If you can hear my voice- clap once.” And it actually worked- two different times during the workout!*

One thing that sets this AO apart from others is the combination of weight and movement, hence ring around the church and climb the stairs. Strava says we got in 2.2, and #Stravadontlie

T-Claps to the pre runners- I don’t know who all of you were, but someone does. Good job- doing a 5k before this workout is no joke.

Additional T-Claps to Geraldo- didn’t have his KB on hand, so Rucked the whole thing. Didn’t even seen to phase him.

A solid amount of mumble chatter going on- some highlights that I heard involved Header celebrating Christmas with 16 Christmas Trees in his house, Smokey is preaching the Sunday before Christmas, and I think Geraldo and others were checking out my burpee form and muttering about my youth?? Not sure on that one…..

Great to see Fletch out at Skunk- and when I mean see, I mean watch as he zooms by me running around the church. He’s back and as bad (in a good way) as ever.

Sound off if I missed anything-thanks to Tulip and Funky Cold for the opportunity to lead!







*Everyone seemed to get what to do when I stated “If you hear my voice clap ____”, with the exception of Fireman Ed and Lois. They wouldn’t stop clapping- something may be off y’all. 



On a beautiful day in the neighborhood, eight Pax decided to be Neighbors, and head on down to Gumbytown.

Here’s what we did:

Devotion- Romans 8:28-29

Move From Corpse into Child’s Pose

TableTop for Cat Cow (5 Breaths)

Left Side Right Side


Left Arm High

Right Arm High

Six Inches- 10 Seconds

One Sun Salutation together

Then- Do Sun Salutation non stop for three minutes

Lizard- 45 Seconds Right

Hamstrings(Straighten out Leg) 45 Seconds

Lizard Quad- 45 Seconds


Back to Mountain

Sun Salutation- Meet in Downward Dog

Right leg to the sky and Hold Three legged dog

Swing through

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Warrior 2 Side Bend- Lower Body stays static, upper body goes for the floor

Back up to Warrior 2

Peaceful Warrior

Back to Warrior 2

Star Fish

One Sun Salutation- OYO

Repeat flow on other side

Sun Salutation Meet in downward Dog

Pigeon- Left Side then Right  side 1 minute at least on each side

Then on your Six


Reach for Toes- right leg then left leg then both

Pretzel stretch

Happy Baby

Corpse Pose


Pray for Gypsy’s wife- heading to Haiti to help women impacted by trafficking. Prayers of protection for Karen and the group going.

Let them Soar 5k- this Saturday! Race is at 8am:

Purrel Leading Sparta

Arena’s got the Q next week, so he’ll probably ask Stone Cold to cover last minute.


‘Twas a good group of veterans who came on down to the scout hut- quite a few pre runners as well. There was quite a protest regarding the Warrior II Bend- for some reason the group thought I was making it up… which was of course false . IT’S ON THE INTERNET Y’ALL.

Music today was the spotify playlist created by Panthers Beat writer Jordan Rodrigue which is all the songs she has heard the Panthers (specifically QB Cam Newton) play during practice. Only bummer was that we might have heard three songs because… so… many… ads. And Publix- we get that you are an awesome place to shop, but stop beating it over our heads! We want to listen to music! Even with said ads, this is a great playlist to listen to-if interested you can do so here .


Speaking of Cam, as you might be aware, he’s got swag in the pre game/post game outfit department. Which lead me to this  weird thought experiment- if F3 Area 51 had their own pre workout/post workout outfits, who would show up and show their swag? This led to what I’m proud to say is  the first Area 51 #DripChroniclesVOL1 POWER RANKING (I shall abstain since I am doing said ranking):

  1. Chopper- likes to make an entrance- rollin in right at 6:31AM. Just oozes swag to me- got the confidence to show up when all eyes are on him. He currently takes the top spot.
  2. Lois- Dude dressed up as himself for Halloween back from the good ole days of Wade Hampton high. That takes some cajones that would translate over at the podium after the big win. Would also translate well when CROOTIN
  3.  Tie- Madison and Gypsy- Guys showed up to post in complimentary pink shirts. Not only does it take a confident man to wear pink, but to wear a complimentary shade to your brother…. just drippin over here.
  4. Swiss Miss- Normally rocking the gray sweatshirt to Gumby, but had to swap out today for the Area 51 branded gear. Being on brand  has a swag of its own.
  5. Beaver- One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet- and one who would bring a classic look back. Think the Sean Connery James Bond look. Unfortunately, them dang millenials don’t have respect for anything good in life- hence the lower ranking.
  6. Arena-  First PAX on the pre run, and last one done. Just a gritty, fundamental player. Deceptive speed,  beats you on the field so doesn’t need to mess with any of the pansy outfit mess after the game #gameswag.

Grateful for the opportunity to lead- see yall back in the gloom soon.

Wounded Star Fish Preps for Hurricane

On a Thursday morning with a Hurricane Looming, 15 PAX thumbed their nose at Jim Cantore at showed up at Peak 51 for a beatdown. I couldn’t help but to Oblige:

-Mosey to Church Parking Lot


– SSH X 20

-IW X 20

-Mountain Climbers X10

Mosey to bus lot

-Star Fish

4 stations one center

Center (5 Burpees)

Round 1

Arm 1 1:- 15 Merkins

Arm 2: 15 Hand Release Merkins

Arm 3: 15 Carolina Dry Docks

Arm 4:  15 Diamond Merkins

Round 2

Arm 1: 20 Jump Squats

Arm 2: 20 Squats

Station 3: 10 Donkey Kicks

Station 4: 10 Monkey Humpers

Round 3:

Station 1: 25 Flutter

Station 2: 25 American Hammer

Station 3 25 Freddie Mercury

Station 4: 25 LBC

After Stations 1-3 back to center for Burpees

After Station 4- Run one lap around the starfish (Clockwise), connecting All stations. Plank up in Center when done

Mosey to the wall

Wall sits- Arm presses (2 rounds)

Mosey back to launch for Mary





BRR 2019- Sign ups are already happening.

Hurricane Party at Joker’s!


Pleasantly surprised by the group that showed up. With Florence looming, and the concern regarding itw would’ve scared of a majority of PAX from attending- but not so.

I’ll be honest- this was rough. Being a last minute Q request (hope you’re feeling better Coctkail), I pulled an old Weinke out of the closed. Being a Post BRR workout made it high rep/low running- but the pains was still there. There were a few moments where I thought we had lost Sensei, but he gamely held onto the end.

Bernie and Sardine were out front most of the day- I’ve been impressed recently with Sardine’s straight line speed- that dude can motor.

Welcome back Early Bird! Good to see you after an extended absence.

Slim Fast is 180-0 keeping the rain away from Peak. Not even a hurricane could break this impressive all time streak.


Thanks  Lois and Sensei for the opportunity to lead!



Where did you get that Chair?

On a muggy September Wednesday, Nine Pax rolled into Gumby to do some recovery stretching- here’s how it went:


  • Start out with Devotion- Seeking Wisdom (James 1:5-7)
  • Corpse Pose- (Breathe in through nose out mouth)
  • Warm up- SSH
  • Imperial Walker
  • Mountain
  • Sun salutations (X3, 2nd and 3rd OYO)
  • Slowly get into Table Top
  • Cat Cow (5 times)
  • Side Bends (5 Breaths) L/R
  • To mountain and move to chair 5 breaths
  • Prayer Chair then chair twist (right)
  • Out of twist to mountain and Sun Salutation (X2 OYO)
  • Start Salutation, Once in downward dog Left right leg as high as possible and swing through to move into Crescent Lunge (5 Breaths)
  • Move to Crescent/Warrior 1 (5 breaths)
  • Crescent/Warrior 2
  • Move to Reverse Crescent Lunge (5 breaths)
  • Move into Star Pose
  • Left Leg
  • Right Leg
  • Return to mountain, lead salutation
  • On downward dog, lift left leg and move into Crescent Pose other leg
  • Tree (Both Legs)
  • Quad Stretches
  • On your Six
  • On your six, begin with two stretches
  •  Right leg in, reach for your left (switch)
  • Both Legs stretch
  •  Butterfly- sitting tall, pushing your legs with your elbows in order to open up your hips (5 breaths)
    Mountain- Sun Salutation (twice) go into a third time lift right leg up and go into…. Dead Pigeon
    (both sides)
  • Move into Child’s Pose
  • Review Devotion
  • FIN


I’m beyond grateful for Gumby. I don’t say just say this due to the Site Q responsibilities that I have, but also because of how much of an impact it has on my recovery weekly- and especially this one. Being the first workout attended after the BRR, it was nice to take some time and slowly stretch out the legs, and get everyone.

Pretty quiet day today as we went through all of the stretches-  Either everyone was focusing on the stretches, or taking time to enjoy the sweet  playlist that was playing.


Fireman Ed did find a random chair he was using to stretch- seemed to really enjoy it (no judging over here).


Thank you all for showing up!



Seeing where the Professionals Play

On a beautiful Thursday morning, seven PAX rolled out of Matthews Elementary to run around Matthews. Here’s what we did:


The Thang

Take a right out of Matthews Elementary, to the Corner of E Charles and S Trade

15 SSH

15 IW

Head E on Charles Street

Pit stop at Crestale Road intersection for 20 Hand Release Merkins

Continue on E Charles until the 4 Mile Creek entrance (Across from Rainbow Ridge Road)

Dynamic Stretching, and jog up to Stadium A (where the Eagles play)

Around the Stadium twice, stopping halfway for pain station

Round 1, 20 Jump Squats

Round 2 20 CDD

Head back down the Greenway, and back the way we came- stop one more time at Crestdale for some OYO work

Continue on Charles to Freemont to Main, back to launch in time to meet up with the Peak guys- total of 5 miles on the nose



Being my first experience at Sparta, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I came to find out that the name Sparta is fitting- these guys are lean, mean running machines!

The group stayed close together the entire time- Madison and Gypsy were of course out front the entire day, followed closely by Christmas.

Somewhere in the woods of  Matthews Sportsplex heading towards Charlotte Eagles stadium, we seemed to lose Horsehead for a few minutes. He then emerged from the woods muttering something about the creepy old man in the woods- no one really wanted to press him further. We may never know what truly happened.

Arena was running strong, as well as Arsenal. When arriving at launch, Arsenal gave me all this hullabaloo about him being the anchor so to make sure and be careful and consider him with whatever we were doing.

Being the kind, considerate Q that I am, I changed absolutely nothing and he rocked it.

Honestly I was somewhat nervous of going this far out on my first Q on a route I had never run before- but these guys were more than up to the challenge and then some. I came away seriously impressed- you can tell they have been forged through the fires of running probably every hill that Matthews has to offer.

Much discussion was made about the fact that the 4 Mile Creek at the Sportsplex doesn’t connect to the 4 Mile Creek in downtown (I know right??) Neat to see the stadium in the morning as well- Horse Head gave us some F3 history in the fact that various PAX have tried to get a workout launched from the Sportsplex, but it never worked due to the gates being closed before hours. It would be an awesome location- lots great real estate.

Also- I kicked a toad on the run back. Super random, but it happened.

We actually got back to Renfrow Hardware a lot faster than I estimated (this crew beasted it)- so audibled to the Gumby Loop down Charles to add in some mileage which worked out perfectly.

The goal all along was to try and hit five miles- as we arrived back at the school we hit fix miles on the nose #stravadontlie

Not sure what happeend after that- I had to leave before COT to get to work. If there were any significant announcements, I’m sure Geraldo had them in his Peak Bblast, or post them below.

Thanks for letting me lead- it was an honor to run with you guys. This may have been my first visit to SPARTAAAA- but it won’t be my last.


Denomination Stations- Round 2 (for me)

On another beautiful, quite humid (duh it’s summer) morning in the heart of Matthews, NC, 14 men came on down to Peak 51 for another foray into the gloom. I of course obliged:

The Thang 

Disclaimer then take off running

Depart Matthews Elementary and head Southwest on Trade St. to Matthews United Methodist Front Parking lot

Circle up

SSH IC x20

IW X 20

Mountain Climbers X 15

Depart Matthews UMC and head north (via Main and S. Freemont) to Matthews Presbyterian parking lot.

Plank O’ Rama

Partner up

Dora- three rounds

Partner 1- Suicides up the parking lot hill

Partner 2- Called Exercise (partners then flapjack- keep switching until the amount of called exercise is complete)

Round 1 100 Merkins

Round 2 150 Squats

Round 3 200 LBCs

Depart Matthews Presbyterian- but first run up the church entrance ramp and down the stairs because we can and roll Southeast to First Baptist of Matthews

In the pack parking lot:

Sprint AYG to the bottom of the hill, recovery mosey to the top (X2)

Mosey for wall sits/Air Presses

Mosey back to launch and meet up with SPARTA!!!!! for some core work

RosalitaX 20 IC

American Hammer X 20 IC

Freddie Mercury IC X 10

Protractor- one round around the circle



Praise- Madoff’s sister’s biopsy came back- no cancer!!

Come on out Wednesday for the July 4th 4miler- you can sign up here 


Confession time- I really, enjoy this workout. It was introduced to me a couple of years ago from the twisted genius of Booyah! who last year gave me permission to use his work…. so I took some liberties with the Fair Use act (I’m not sure that’s an actual act but sounds right) and used it again (ask forgiveness instead of permission right). I really enjoy the blend of mileage plus workout plus boot camp plus getting to get offsite and see some of the beauty of Matthews. The other Booyah staple of the workout was the working out of our minds…. and again this group did not disappoint with their theological trivia knowledge (as it ensured we did not have to pay a penalty in burpees, which was even better!).

Thanks as always Booyah- hope life is well in the Mint Hill, but make it back to Peak 51 soon ok? We miss you (well Sensei and I do at least- I can’t speak for everyone….)

Awesome to see some of the new guys have consistently kept coming back, and really are now a part of the Peak 51 family. Thanks Bernie, Madoff- and thanks Madoff for letting us know the praise regarding your sister’s biopsy! When we can celebrate moments like this as a community it makes us bettter- thanks for sharing with us.

Thumper was up front most of the day looking strong- I don’t think that kid is is on a BRR team just yet, but it’s gonna happen. The past two weeks he’s been cranking it out. Furly was aback again a 2nd week in a row, proving his return last week wasn’t aberration… and speaking of return, kind of sorta welcome back to Peak Early Bird! Well.. he showed up to launch expecting to do the Peak workout without realizing that Sparta launches from the same area a little early…. and didn’t realize he was doing Sparta until he was too tightly in Nomad’s grasp and halfway up a hill and that he had made a TERRIBLE mistake. I mean who wants to do a running workout???? (side note, I’m Qing Sparta this upcoming Thursday- you should come out!).

And welcome back Robin!! Good to have you back for the summer man- hope you can continue making it out.

This was a pretty strong group today- the only complaint I think I heard was Sardine complaining that he KNEW that Martin Luther started the Reformation. Which is technically true- however, he needed men like John Calvin and John Knox to spread Reformation into other nations after Luther was gone.

And that is one of the main points I hope you take away from this workout- we need each other. While not expressed on Thursday, I think the other big reason I like Denomination Stations is that it highlights the differences in thought and belief that there are even in a small town like Matthews. However, when we let those things keep us in conflict and prevent us from (you’re welcome Lois) ” Keeping the main thing the main thing” well then we will fall. That is the awesome thing about F3- in the COT we had guys ranging in age from 9-55, coming from all different walks of life- coming together with the one purpose of making each other better. That’s what has made F3 stick- and has had it grow from Mothership to multiple other states, and is why F3 Expansion has more and more cities asking for F3 to be planted. We need each other, and we are better as men in every capacity when we seek to better each other, when we reside in community with one another. Men from all different walks of life coming together in unity for the betterment of each other can truly change a community, and I’m grateful for the continued opportunity to come together with you guys each Thursday morning.

As always thanks Lois and Sensei for giving me the reins- Peak 51 is a staple of F3 South Charlotte, and it’s in good hands.


Mid-week Break in

On a muggy morning in South Charlotte, Six Pax moseyed on down to the scout hut to stretch it out. Here’s what we did:

Devotion- God will provide- do not worry (Luke 12:22-31)

  • Corpse Pose- (Breathe in through nose out mouth)
  • Slowly get into Table Top
  • Cat Cow (5 times)
  • Side Bends (5 Breaths) L/R
  • Thread the Needle L/R

The main thing


  • Mountain
  • Sun salutation (X4, 2nd and 3rd OYO)
  • In Mountain, Move into AWKWARD (5 Breaths)
  • Back to Mountain and back to awkward
  • Mountain move to Chair (5 Breaths)
  • Move to Prayer Chair, and Chair Twist (Left)= 5 Breaths
  • Back to Mountain, Sun Salutation
  • To mountain and move to chair 5 breaths
  • Prayer Chair then chair twist (right)
  • Out of twist to mountain and Sun Salutation (X2 OYO)
  • Start Salutation, Once in downward dog Left right leg as high as possible and swing through to move into Warrior One.
  • Move to Warrior Two (5 breaths)
  • Move to Reverse Warrior (5 breaths)
  • Back to Warrior Two, move to starfish
  • Return to mountain, Repeat flow for other leg
  • Two Sun salutations
  • On your six
  • Butterfly- sitting tall, pushing your legs with your elbows in order to open up your hips (5 breaths)
  • Right leg in, reach for your left (switch)
  • Reach for both legs
  • Mountain- Sun Salutation (twice) go into a third time lift right leg up and go into…. Dead Pigeon (Right)
  • Hold for 45 seconds, and move into Down dog. Finish sun salutation, and move into another one until you lift left leg up and go into left side of Dead Pigeon Hold for 30 seconds, and move into finishing sun salutation (end in mountain)
  • Move into Child’s Pose
  • Finish in Corpse- review devotion


Gumby will be closed for the 4th- head to the 4 miler to support SFN instead:



Everything was going great. Lois and I showed up early, we got in the scout hut, I was able to deactivate the alarm (scariest part about being a Site-Q for Gumby) and we dropped our stuff to do our standard couple of miles before Gumby began. It wasn’t until I walked back outside and the door had closed behind me that I realized I hadn’t left the door unlocked, and had left the keys inside.

The lights were on, the alarm was disarmed… but there was going to be no way to get inside to stretch it out at 5:30. The stakes couldn’t have been higher.

Immediately, Lois and I jumped into action. Recognizing that breaking down the door was not the best way to maintain civil relations with church, we immediately circled the building, looking for a new way in. All doors were locked (And it is impressive how many doors a scout hut can have). It was about this time that I began contemplating how Gumby would work outside in the parking lot, on the hill when we began trying windows…. to discover one was unlocked and open!

Upon examination- those windows are a lot narrower and more precarious to climb in then you think. But thanks in major part to the flexibility that Gumby itself has allowed me to develop and maintain over the past two years I was able to shimmy in and unlock the door. Thus concludes the story  of how Gumby was saved one Wednesday morn.


Lighting for this session was just Antler lighting- and playlist was breezy summer classics. It was a good mix of regulars who showed up today- T-Claps to Arena, Beaver and Lois for pre-running.


Appreciate you guys! Always enjoy the opportunity to lead.

Ring around the Church

On a beautiful Spring morning, 13 PAX rolled on our to Skunkworks. Here’s what we got into:


To the rock and back


20 KB Swings

15 Mountain Climbers

Partner up for Catch me if you can (Church Loop)- but 10 Jump Squats

Meet at the front doors

Round 1: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Overhead Press
• Round 2: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 High Rows
• Round 3: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Goblin Squats
• Round 4: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 KB Merkins
• Round 5: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Partners Choice


Mosey to the square

Partner 1- run up the steps

Partner 2- called exercise

Round 1- Clean

Round 2- Snatch

Round 3- Lawnmowers

Mosey on back to the school for Mary



Come out to Gumby! Best recovery workout in the F3nation- Matthews Scout Hut @ 5:30



So Hoover was on the schedule to provide his version of a beat down, but had to pull out last minute- so I dusted off an old Q last night around 9:00PM and we went at it- the PAX didn’t seem to mind.

The ring around the church is always awful- and today proved no exception.

BA made sure his displeasure was known regarding  Catch me if you can (something along the lines of I hate this so much!)- it was appreciated.

Well done Swiss Miss and Homeboy working with a travel sized bell….. and one not so travel sized. Way to make the best of a hard situation.

Welcome again Home Boy, Scratch and Sniff and Drumstick! Good to have you guys with us from all over the map- (two from ATL, one from Chicago). Hope to have you guys out soon.

As always Smokey was a ninja- but today he as a ninja with a birthday!! Happy Birthday Smokey- I want to be you when I grow up.


Thanks guys for the opportunity to lead!

Not in Front of Mother!!

On a beautiful Saturday morning, Five PAX moseyed on down to Outland to start their Saturday right. Here’s what we got into:

Mosey on down to the track

Run a lap for warm up- meet in the Circle for COP

20 X SSH

20 X IW

20 X Mountain Climbers

Head to the Track for Slim Fast Stretches

Four Corners- Sprint Straight aways, and at the corners do the following exercises

  • 10 LBCS
  • 10 Bomb Jacks
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Flutter (4 Count)

First run- Straght

Second Run- Backwards

Third Run- High Skips


Mosey to the Tennis Court

Dragon Walk- at each line ascending Merkin (Start at 1, end at 9)

Bear Crawl Back- each line descending Merkin (Start at 9, end at 1)

Forest to the Sea

Bear Crawl first Court

5 Burpees

Crab Walk the second court

Reverse back

Lunge Walk across court- stop in the middle 5 Squats

Reverse Lunge Walk- Stop in the middle for 5 Monkey Humpers



5 Squats

5 Monkey Humpers


Paint the Lines (Entire Court)

Mosey to the school- find a lunch table

20 Dips

15 Derkins

10 Step ups (Five each leg)

Find the wall

Sit on Said wall for the people’s chair

Add arm raisesX50

Repeato- starting with dips/Derkins/Step ups

People’s chair- arm raisesX75

Head back for Mary



American Hammer

Freddie Mercury

5X Monkey Humpers



A great workout with some great guys today. We got it started out right with Smokey rightly noticing the beautiful tan line that the Wells Fargo Championship provided me- with a later start time, I didn’t take into account that it would be lighter outside.

They guys showed up to play- all of them cranked through four corners relatively easily with a good amount of mumble chatter- but then came the tennis courts.

I had the privilege of working out with the guys from F3 Dallas Wednesday, and AlrightAlright brought a proper beatdown on a tennis court. Seeing as Outland had a tennis court (first time I’ve had one at my disposal)- I couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring a little bit of what I learned from there here. News Flash- it was just as rough the second time around as the first.

Smokey had some some “reservations” about the Monkey Humpers- something about not wanting the shame of having to do them in the light…. oh well! Even though there were several times he starting doing additional MH when not called for… methinks he doth protest too much!

As pulled into the front of the school for Mary- lo and behold some of the teachers for Saturday school were standing out front, Leading Smokey to plead- “Not in Front of Mother!!” hoping to avoid additional monkey humpers- so of course we audibled  add some monkey humpers.

Well done guys- it was quite a hard workout but yall were more than up to the Task.  Great to see Bonhoeffer again- as well as Christmas and Arsenal. I’ve seen each of them on occasion at either a Area 51 AO or on one of my few Union Co trips- they all brought their lunch pail today and were ready to grind. T Claps to Christmas  especially for showing up on a Saturday morning right after getting back from a work trip the night before. Oh and of course Smokey was out front most of the day as well.

Thanks guys for the opportunity to Q Outland- I always enjoy my forays into Union County, and this was no exception! Honored to be able to lead.