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Spartan Training

The beatdown was effective with 6 stations that lined the parking lot that outlined the workload of the morning.

WU:  40 SSH, 30 MC, 20 LBC, 10 Cottonpickers and a quick lap around both lots to go through the challenge of the day

The thang:

20 Kettlebells

8 pull ups

20 weighted step ups

10 Deadlifts

15 smash balls

Farmers carry

12 upright rows

The plan was to the clock and it was simple run the course for 8 min straight do the exercises then 1 min rest, rinse and repeat 2 more times.

Moleskin:  Saw a lot of heart today, everyone worked, there was no exception. Dirty bird continues his no give up attitude.  Shop continues to get faster along with Money Ball, Gator Cub. Always great to see Flipper, Landshark and Ole MacDonald out there killing it and glad to see the summer vacations have brought Hollywood back and Turtle,  their fun personalities are always appreciated. Frack is always a beast but it was funny how he snuck in late this morning with his lights off like we couldn’t see his giant truck:) Posse is looking meaner and leaner everyday,  I saw he pull the 175 lb deadlift bar pushing himself. Money Ball gave it a good run today but also let us know that he here for the long haul and will continue to post with us as he is not leaving. Dr. Kevorian and I worked as a team and he was pushing me to run faster, appreciate that.

Always feel blessed to lead a great group of men,  men that push themselves to be better than they were yesterday and not just physically but as Fathers, Husbands, Friends and coworkers.   Appreciate you all.



3rd F- Sanctuary starts next Thursday YHC on q- 7:30 Brooklyn pizza July 25th- Book “Act like men” by James Macdonald

Asheville super-  Free camping- hosted by Tolken. Also Posse has secured a discount at the Morganton- Must call hotel directly -828-432-2000 ask for Spartan Rate


Friday Morning 5X5

There were 13 of us ready for a 5×5 work out
Warm up;
40 ssh 30 mc 20 iw 10 merkins and a quick lap
The thang:
Break out into groups of three  and work 5 different stations by doing the station while one of the three runs a lap until all 3 have ran a lap. 5 stations were as follows.
1 squats
2 smash balls
3 calf raises
4 kb swings
5 sandbag burbee
Between the stations the teams grabbed a wall ball and tossed it around until everyone completed 5 burbees between tosses.
We did two sets of the stations and on the second set changed the distance to the truck and back and did 3 burbee between sets.
Finished that and moved on to a solid set of Mary, can’t remember all we did but fairly sure we worked them well!
The morning was perfect weather and the group set out to destroy the stations.  It’s clear the 2.0’s came to work and Shadow can move like the wind. The fun really started on the shorter sprints when Doc raced Land Shark on the way back and started a trend to begin the challenges. Clearly these 2.0 gave everyone a run for their money and Turtle put the challenge down on me. Not sure who the winner was??
Let’s see if we can fill these all up for the next month:
Sign up genius Flash:
3r F- Brooklyn Pizza Thursday night 7:30

Friday Morning Transition

So Friday is the Gear day right?  But,, I didn’t have enough gear for 14 guys sooooooo improvise.  Basic warm up 40 SSH, 30 MC, 20 LBC, 10 Merkins, 10 Merkins, 20 LBC’s

Mosey to the courtyard 15 Box jumps, 15 Dips, 15 Heels to heavens, a round of 14, 13, Mosey

Mosey to rock pile with a quick round of American hammers and Carolina DD

Grab a friend and in cadence 15 Curl to press, 15 LSS, 15 LBC, then a round of 12 then 8

Mosey to the round about and partner up P1 runs the loop P2 Supines, Squats, LBS, as a team partner to 100 Supines, 150 Squats, 200LBC;

Mosey on back with a quick stop of Merkins and American hammers just to hit the flag a 615


Gained a great new addition today Uncle Rocky,  he worked hard and killed it, the rest of the crew also put there work into the game plan.  Frack muscled through some clear pain issues, meanwhile Popeye is elated that his PF is getting better.  Had Heizman from IndianLand area,  he was a welcome player to the table. Flipper and Land shark stepped up to their first cadence call without hesitation (nice job gentlemen). Great morning, too warm to wear the hoodie and as always honored to be part of this group.  A group of men that desire to be better, to serve their families and be men.

Announcements:  5K run after commitment this Saturday in Wesley Chapel

Night with the Knights
Saturday May 14th
The Boys of Summer are taking the field and F3 Dads will be there in force on Saturday May 14th. Load up the 2.0s and head to BB&T Ballpark as we kick off the Summer of Sixteen! We have a large block of tickets reserved for the game against our cross-state rivals the Durham Bulls. Tickets are on sale now through April 28th! Don’t wait. This will sellout. Preblast and Purchase

Copy Cat work out

Today was a killer morning, temp was perfect and the pax was ready for a beating.


40 SSH, 30 MC, 20 IW, 10 Merkins, 10 Merkins, 20 IW  Mosey to side lot to find the first CC work out.

2 teams, 2 Plates and 2 times around!  Simple!  Pax does 5 burgee’s, 10 Merkins, 15 LBC, while one of the pax takes the plate for a worm burner run, finish the exercise and catch up with the plate driver to swap to the next pax.  Work this for two times around.

Mosey over to the school for a quick balls to the wall and peoples chair, mosey to the bridge for a quick frog hop across.  Mosey the way to the track for a second CC move of the day.

5 sets with a  lap around the track between sets and a 5 burbees at a half lap.  Broke up into 4 teams of 4 and worked the plan.  50 Air squats, 40 MC’s, 30 LBC, 20 Diamond push ups and 10 pull ups.  Each team took a station and worked their way through the rotation.

Mosey back with a  quick Indian hop up a the hill, and grab a friend for a short round of 15 Curl to press, 15 LBc’s and 15 LSS.  Finishing with some good ole fashion sit up in two lines facing each other to 40.


SHOP DAWG PUT IT DOWN today and spent some time Yacking on the worm burners (congrats Shop).  I caused some confusion not the track not clarifying that we needed to finish the stations with a final lap, but the teams muscled up and got the work done.   New FNG, Backflow (R) put it down! I saw a ton of heart today by all. A2nd F Chick Fil was great!



3Rd F- April 21st, Thursday nights 730 Brooklyn Pizza- Sign up coming out shortly

Sign up links to local F3 work outs

2 F Opportunity-Spartan Race/ F3 Party
April 9th Fracks House 4:30 Start time Bring your family, Dish to pass, BYOB and chairs.
3024 Groves Edge Ln
Waxhaw, NC 28173
Dr. Kevorkian- Thanks for taking us out.

14 Geared UP to get Beat Down

Gear Day, lots of KB, Bags, Bands, Bars, Balls and Sleds.  Bottom Line it was just work


SSH 40, MC 30, LBC 20, Cotton Pickers 15 and 1 hot lap

The Thang: Six Stations- 1 Minute a piece, 3 Rounds with mixed in 1-3 minute runs randomly built in


  1. Kettle Bell Swings
  2. Sand Bag- Clean & Jerk
  3. Wall Balls
  4. Dead Lift
  5. Curls (bands or weights)
  6. Sleds


If you didn’t get a work out it was your OWN fault.  It was work,  Dasher didn’t want to catch any flack for slowing down on the sleds so he sprinted with sparks flying behind him.  Frack continues to up his running game.  Doc said they must of switched bodies.  Frack took out Doc on the last run and Dasher took Doc to town on the sled.  That being said I still think Doc could school us all on most exercises. Flipper and Landshark continue to kill it,  they are welcome additions to the F3 Crew with Ole MacDonald modeling solid parenting and coaching skills. It was not an easy gig today but I saw heart by all.  Thanks to all for allowing me to lead,  I appreciate it more than you know, I am humbled at the group of men that gather @ 5:30 in the morning and choose to grow, chose to change their lives, CHOOSE to be better than they were yesterday.


March Madness F2 Event-  (Family included)

Shop Dawgs House- 2210 Deer Meadows Drive Waxhaw 28173-  Turn into Lawson on Lawson Drive, Drive till you hit Deer Meadows (3rd stop sign) make a rt.  3 blocks down on the rt.

Noon till 10PM. Bring a dish to pass- there will be plenty of Meat (that’s what Shop Said) Michael Scott comments to yourself…

Farm Days F2 Event- (Family included)

Ole Macdonald’s Farm-7738 henry Harris Road Fort Mill SC 29707

New goats, Chickens on his farm this Saturday morning till 1PM


Shop Thanks for taking us out!!


They Thought I was almost late

Morning came early!!! Only had a couple minutes to put the work together that I had planned for the gloom and shuffle off to meeting place.


40 SSH, 30 MC, 20 LBC, 15 Peter Parker

The Thang

Mosey over to the front of the school for a quick 15 dips and plank it up ( while the q is struggling to get my speaker to work for the later activities). Mosey over to the high school, on your six for a quick round of Russian twists in cadence (finally, speaker works!) mosey over to the gate, with some tunes as motivation, partner up to do a round of 200 combined supines while the other partner runs the loop.

Mosey over to the FAR back parking lot to discover what caused the Q and Shop DAWG to be “almost late.”  Four stations were set up with 2 cones at each station 30 yards apart with a  steel plate on the ground next to the first cone.  Teams of 3 formed,  partner 1 does first cone, partner 2 does a worm burner to partner 3 at the opposite cone, partner 3 takes the plate back swap,,, so on and so forth.  Stations were fairly simple. 1 100 lbs Squats, 2. Heels to heavens 3. Triceps extension 4. Russian twist (with Med ball) 5. Curls with bands 6. jump rope 7 burbees 8 flutter kicks.  We did each station for 4 minutes!

Mosey back with a quick stop at the benches 15 dips, 15 Derkins and 15 LBC’s on your on and then hold the V up till everyone was done.  Time got tight had to make the long mosey back to home base.  Only 30 seconds left to do a quick round of Russian twists to finish the workout!



Morning went quick!   It was work, mixed in with a bit of running.  Snoop, welcome to the crew,  you’ll be taking the blue pill shortly enough!  Always enjoy working out with this crew, we push each other, support each other and work!  Furthermore, work with a purpose, it is clear the hearts of our PAX it is to grow, to be better Fathers, Husbands, Community members and to lean into the one who has given all of these abilities in the first place, God.  I am grateful to be part of this PAX!  Peace out!



16 Showed up for Masonry work!

So in the gloom the work began, the pax expecting some cinder block work to come~

WU~ 40 SSH, 30 High Knees, 20 MC’s 10 Merkins.

Mosey to the first school stop,  15 box jumps, 15 Burbee’s, 15 LBC’s, repeat 10 reps, repeat 10 again,

Mosey to the hills for some stairway to 7’s Burbees at the top LSS at the bottom

Mosey over to he half wall, quick lunge walk across the bridge and and Indian hop on the other side (More on Shop Dawg later for this). Stop at the half wall for 15 step ups each leg, 15 Dips, 15 heels to heavens.

Mosey to cinder block pile for some work.  12 Shoulder shrugs, 10 alternating Merkin (civilian count) 12 shoulder shrugs, 10 cinder merkins, 12 calf raises,, 10 alternating merkins, and finished with 15 count calf raises.

Mosey back to the half wall quick american hammers, mosey to railing for 15, 10, 5 supines.

Mosey to the rock wall to grab a friend to do 12 curl to press, 12 lss , 12 LBC’s, repeat 10, repeat 8.

Mosey back (Popeye racing me) for  round of protractors and planks till we waited for Popeye’s “special work out”  Merkins to the song Roxanne.  Every time they said her name it was up hold or down hold.  Everyone loved it!!!, ORRR hated it, not sure yet.



Fun workout and we took very little breaks and kept the intensity up!  Posse was killing it on the stairways to 7’s running up the hill till the end. Shop Dawg Killed Indian hop and was determined grunting full speed all the way!!! Frack,  he’s just Frack, grabbed a rock that the rest of us couldn’t pick up and pressed it.  Popeye racing me to the end,,,,if i didn’t cheat and cut him off he would have won!!:) Great morning with the pax!


Snowflake- Thanks for taking us out


Plan B: Posse sent out invites

Spartan race – April 9th ( Team Name Lawson Warriors

8 Stations and Sparks flying

YHC flew in last minute to set of the work for the day, 8 cones, 4 plates and misc. equipment laid before the group of men

WU:40 High Knees, 30 SSH, 20 MC, 10 Merkins, 20 IW, and 15 Arm Circles

The Thang:

Started with a quick mosey over to the school for a round of 15 Box Jumps, 15 Burbee’s and 15 LBCs, Follow with a set of 10 of the same and then a quick 5. The warm up was over and it was time to hit the gauntlet.

The work was 4 simple lanes for groups of 3, one running worm burners to one side to relieve the other of the drill. Each station was 4 min.  1st. Squats- Russian twist 2. Curls-Jump rope 3. Tricep extension-upright row 4. lateral front raise- jump rope

Finished that for enough time to do 45 second rounds at each station adding burbees, bicycles and MC to the rotation for each pax


The music was fun, the work was tough, Dasher and Doc kicked up enough speed on worm burners to throw sparks.  Turtle or Shampoole opted for burbees at the end aaaannnnddd we watched the jail breaks of all jail breaks with Popeye racing Doc with an epic finish…..Reminded me of Rocky three when Roc beat Apollo on the beach..


Plan B- Posse set up help with sign up Genius for this Saturday.

F3 Family day pushed back (will advise of new date)

Spartan Race- April 9th Team name F3 Warriors

Shop Dawg–Thanks for taking us out

There just Cones!!!

12 Got out of their Fart Sacks and decided they wanted to become better men than they were yesterday!


50SSH, 40 MC, 30 Imperial Squakers (yes that’s correct), 20 Cotton Pickers, 10 Merkins

The Thang:

7 cones lined the road and explained the bulk of the work today, spread about 40 yards apart we ran up 2 than back one, each cone listed an exercise: 10 Burbees, 20 Heels to heavens, 10 Maryland Crab Merkins,  20 Flutter Kicks, 10 Jump Knee Tucks, 20 Supermans, 10 Burbees. Finish- Plank it up with a partner for some paddy cake, 20 rock hoppers in cadence, 10 J-lows (the Q was busted out by ice on form, apparently J Low is sexier than I am)

Mosey over to the Hill, for some stairway’s to 7’s Low slow squats at the bottom, Carolina Dry Docks at the top- Plank it up when done- it is here some of our story begins,  while were planking Ice starts telling Doc about him getting back into it,  feels a bit sluggish, guys are patronizing him a bit, “you can do it Ice…” Keep up the good work”  More to the story later….

Mosey over to the round about and pick a partner for 40 burbees 10 in rotation while the other grabs the railing and does supines while they wait.

Mosey on back toward the cones, quick stop for 20 american hammers in cadence then mosey over to cones.  As the Q, I state we got enough times to run the cones back and do the exercises… ICE asks.  HOW DO WE KNOW WHAT TO DO?? I tell him, “Don’t worry keep showing up and an you’ll get it:)”  He quickly realized the exercises were written on the cones still.  Finished the cones at 615 promptly for a count and namorama…



I realize that I tend to get a bit sappy…but,,, suck it up buttercup and deal with it…. I continue to be motivated and impressed by these men who choose to leave the comforts of their cozy beds and challenge themselves to be better.  Not only better in physical fitness but better husbands, fathers, workers,  we challenge each other, we have fun (ironically enough at 530 in the morning), and we keep showing up. I love it.. So my take on the players of #F3 Flash today- Popeye- you continue to impress me the most, all heart, pace is picking up, your giving it 110%– DON’T STOP!  T-Ball, Shampoodle, Shop Dawg, Captain Phillips and Shooter- The progress you all have shown is exponential and impressive, hoping to see some Q’s (or at least partial) out of you guys shortly. Turtle and Short are pulling quickly in to beast modes and both bring a level of energy and fun to the group.  Frack and Doc,, your just Freaks, you both have past beast mode and entered into a league of your own! Ice, you are the rock!  Your leadership and energy is infectious, you push us all to be better physically but more than that, your leadership as a husband and father impacts us more than you know. I appreciate you all and am glad to be part of something bigger than me.

Short Circuit, thanks for taking us out! Your prayer hit home with me today.


Don’t forget about PLAN B- Posse will send out an calendar shortly

Spartan Race- April 9th

February 6- F3 Family Fitness Day 8:30 Kid friendly (even if they only last 15 min, still come)



Commitment burns off the FOG!

Literally and figuratively speaking the pax of 21 burned off the FOG with a high energy work out that cleared the air and apparently a PAX members head as he enjoyed a Christmas party last night, HA! No Advil necessary for him after the sweat he worked out by 6:45:)

Warm Up:

50 SSH

40 MC

30 IW

20 Reverse Lunges

10 Merkins


Truthfully we had such a large pax I had to modify so I don’t remember all we did but I do remember some, so here we go.  Mosey over to the rock wall, quick peoples chair with some air presses. Grab a friend and partner up,

Partner 1- Curl Partner 2- Run Down w/rock and do 10 Burbee; Flapjack

We did this 4 times with Presses, LSS, Curl to press and finished the last round with 15 Burbee’s and then a quick set of LBC with rock on your chest. Ditch your friend, and we mosey over to the bridge with a quick stop to do 10 Burbee’s and a quick lunge walk across the bridge.  Plank it up with some rock hoppers in cadence.

Line it up for plank Indian Hop up to the the short wall.  Quick Peoples chair then,,,,10 more burbees,, on your six for some LBC’s and Protractor ab work out. Mosey up to the cinder block pile and we begin to work.  Round of 15 shoulder shrugs in cadence, followed by staggered Merkins Left (10 Civilian count) Center then right.  Ditch the blocks and mosey back to the wall with a quick bear crawl on the way.  10 More burbees and 15 flutter kicks in Cadence.  Mosey with a quick backwards lundge across the bridge and plank it up on the other side. Mosey back to the rock pile, 10 Burbees.  Mosey back to base for a short round of 15 LBC’s and 25 Russian twists in cadence.



Going to be a bit sappy here but this group is amazing and more and more men are choosing to get out of there comfort zones (FART SACKS as well) and become better men, both physically and spiritually.  You all continue to inspire and challenge me to be a better Husband, Father, and most importantly a follower of Christ.  The Sad news is that we are all going to die someday, the good news is we get to choose what we are going to do with our lives until that time comes.  I am honored to be part of a group of men that CHOOSE to not waste there time and their lives and CHOOSE to find a ways to improve it.  I don’t have time to call out everyone, but i am seeing strength and gains in this whole group and for those that are new, if you CHOOSE to continue and stay #committed, I think you will find out quickly that you can push yourself more that you realize and the rewards for that are more than I can explain.  Bouncer, thanks for taking us out!


Spartan Race April 9th and 10th

Bring a friend next week- Outland is going to wish they never made this bet