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shotgun bootcamp

This was from the General, one of our brothers last week in Ballentine and they ended up donating $1025 for Debbie’s project so I thought you may want to read and make sure we say thanks next time we work out there

Typically, I’ve put announcements at the end of the backblast but in this case I definitely have an important one to put front and center. The Union County PAX have been working to restore a house in Union County. The house is home to her daughter and 2 other grandchildren that she is supporting. She lost her husband recently and has also taken in a man that has been struggling. Her house is sinking into the ground and in need of major restructuring and remodeling. Troylette has put together a Go Fund Me Page and a Sign up Genie Volunteer page and is asking for support in the form of monetary contributions or labor. Visit the links below for more information on the project and TCLAPS to the Union County crew for their work on this.!/showSignUp/409094eafaf2dabfa7-f3debbies

Now back to today:

Knowing the weather yesterday and the lack of football my guess was that our wayward brothers may return this morning to get the abs ready for spring break:)  By the time 6:30 rolled around 23 brothers had gathered and it was time to let the work begin.

WU:  Quick lap around the lot, roll out the disclaimer,  begin.  30 SSH, 10 Merkins, 30 LBC’s, 10 Wide arm Merkins, 10 Cottonpickers Roll with it.

The Thang:  Well there really wasn’t a thang, it was bootcamp through and through, run to the light 30 American hammers in cadence,  next light 20 Merkins on your own, next light 20 CDD in cadence. Run to the rock pile,  grab a friend modified version of 7’s 7, Squats on the bottom 7 curls on the top of the hill 6 6, 5,5 ETC.  Finish at the top of the hill, staggered merkins when done 10 each arm in cadence.  Mosey over to the back lot. Partner up and Toilet bowl run, partner 1 Supines, while other runs the loop 200 supines in total.  next exercise run the other loop as a team complete 100 burpees.

Mosey back quick stop for some people’s chair and air presses, mosey to the lights, quick stop for some heels to heaven 30 in cadence.  mosey home to finish with 10 pistol LBC in cadence each leg.


2 FNG’s welcomed to day,  Bill and Jordan.  Bill informed us with that he was a Michigan fan and I put down that he be called Buckeye but we ended on Buck for short.  Jordan does something with planes so goodfella came up with Stryker from the movie airplane.  It was great to have two new to the crew today. In addition it was great to have a few back that have not been here in a while. Doc was out all week last week and so where the McDonald crew,  we missed them and it was good to have them back.  It was clear that the mumble chatter came down pretty quick and there was some grumbling while doing burpee’s so I assume everyone got their monies worth.  Good morning, good crew.  As always proud to call you my brothers.

Other Announcements:  Dasher’s Company restructured and cut the sales force on Friday with out notice.  He is looking for employment.  So please get the word out if you know someone looking for a salesperson.



Round&Round we go

First of all I apologize that I didn’t prebast the running conditions that I was going to put everyone through but then again,  not really. “Suck it up Buttercup” and get to work!

WU: SSH 20, LSS 20, MC, 20, Moracco’s 15, CP 15 and a mosey over to the track

The Thang:

1st run- 4 laps- When waiting for the pack Led Mary, Supermans

2nd Run- 3 laps– When waiting for the pack Led Mary, Supermans

3rd Run- 2 Laps-  When waiting for the pack Led Mary, Supermans

4th Run 1 lap- When waiting for the pack Led Mary, Supermans

All as fast as you can


Lot of mumble chatter as we lined up on the track,  whining about running, “If I would have known there was going to be this much running…”  but not to long into the q everyone was too out of breath to complain.  Hollywood as expected finished every run first,  seems like all he does is run like the wind.  Shop  was pleased with his performace as he did not have to walk any, kudos to him. Leagal Zoom is back into the full swing of things showing up to a lots of sites lately.  Frack was not a fan of the running but he knows he really likes its, and Good Fella and Posse continue to show improvement as well, so much faster than they were two months ago!  Now Turtle,  he has a different story, somehow his “procedure” some how messed his knee, up (not sure how those two things are connected:), I still give him credit, he didn’t quit and stuck to merkins while we ran.  All in all was 3.4 miles of heart pumping running.

Christmas eve sledding party

Christmas Eve- What better to do than have a sledding party.  After the terrible beat down at Brave yesterday, Frack says to me, “you know there’s football sleds at Weddington.”  Oh really, I reply, thats going to suck, you take that part of the party.  So here’s how it went.

WU: Mosey to the side lot, quick disclaimer then the fun begins- 30 SSH, 30 MC’s, 30 LSS, 10 Merkins.  Mosey to the back of the school for a continued supine warm of of 10 supines on each of the 3 railings in cadence.

The thang:

Mosey over to the opposite side of the school where (2) 45 Pound plates begin the work.  This was  a great exercise glass Joe showed us at our site around a year ago. Simple, break up into 2 teams,  1 person pushes the plate while the rest rotate between 10 Merkin, 10 Squats, and 10 LBC’s.   After each set one takes over and the next person on the team takes the plate, till we made a full round around the parking lot.  Two obsevations stand out during this exercise but Ill save it for the moleskin, but lets just say the Meyers were on opposite tracks.

Next exercise, after I figured out how to count, or at least have the group count off,  break into 5 teams of 3 and head to the practice field.  Sandbag on one sideline, kettle bell on the other.  The exercise was 50 sandbag burbee press lunges, the timer was the runner swapping with the person on the other end swinging the KB.  This went on for a while until the teams finished.  In the mean time Doc and Ice led some Mary while everyone finished.

Next was the sleds. Frack took over and decided to used a similar format but instead of running back  and forth we broke into 3 teams of 5 and the 5 man sled became the timer.  Each team had to push the sled 3 times.  This was a leg killer.

Last for a bit of fun was the “tug of war” battle between two teams.  This was Happy’s idea and I liked it.  3 rounds while evening them out to make it more difficult was a fun finish to the work out.  Mosey back take the gear back, hit some mary while the pac came in Finished!


To have 15 of our Pax show up on Christmas Eve is so encouraging to me, it goes beyond my standard thought process that 15 decided they would get their butts out of bed on Christmas Eve and challenge each other for an hour.  Moses made his F1 Debute and put the work in,  realizing he wanted to work on both the spiritual and physical aspects of himself, 6:30 was no obstacle.  Snow, Ice, and Doc are the cornerstone of our group always pushing, encouraging and lifting everyone up.  Popeye still carries his “no quit” attitude, and although those were not Shop or Dirty Birds specific 2016 words of the year to live by, they certainly have as well.   Goodfella is earning his stripes quickly and with out hesitation stepped up for Monday’s q, can’t wait.  Gator, have you seen him 50 years old this year, he with-out question is in better physical shape than he was a year ago, he has put the work in.  Maple Syrup and Troylette, like Goodfella always have a smile on their face and get after it in every work out.

Which leaves us with Bolt, I had heard this young man had made his debut a couple weeks ago,  heard he was fast, heard he was strong, heard he also has a no quit attitude. Well, it is true,  6 years old, he was on my heals the whole time (I’m guessing he didn’t pass me out of respect), fast, check,  strong,  mmm, for sure, he didn’t hesitate taking on that 45 lb plate and gave it all he had.   No quit, for sure,  Popeye tried to instruct him how to modify something so it would be a little easier, nope not Bolt,  he decided to modify and make it harder, so instead of KB swings he added burbee’s to the mix.  Awesome, but what would you expect he’s Ice’s son, Ice works hard, so Bolt would naturally work hard too.  So here’s where they differed today.  While pushing the plates around the parking lot, Bolt got on it  and gave it his all, no issues, a little help and he was around the corner.   Ice gave it all he had as well,  but,,, his was just a bit on the drunken worm burner kind,  he decided to miss the corner and run the plate toward the island. Next time will give Ice a ticket:)

So with that, again, thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead, I appreciate it more than you know.  Oh and Popeye and Shop, I owe you one, (defiling Packers attire is a capital offense). Hugs around! Merry Christmas!



Flash this Monday is at 6:30

Joe Davis run- Google for times and location

F3 Sanctuary is on this Monday at 7:30 in the Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel

Station Work out and Station Q Jacked

Legs were the game today so I parked the car in the back lot and ran to the front to get the show started.  I have had struggled with my voice lately so I asked Shop to take the warm up

He started with some Side Saddle Strops ( yes I said strops) 30, a hot lap around the lot, MC’s (20), Boat to Canoe’s (20) and Merkins (10)

We then headed to the back, quick stop at the wall for some people’s chair then to the bridge, quickly realizing the icy bridge was no place to exercise, we walked gingerly over to the half wall to do some step ups,  realizing those would also kill us as well I called and audible to mosey back to the hill with a quick stop to do some superman.

The hill:  It was a simple plan 4 person team, 1 takes the bag runs up the hill to do squats starting with 11,10,9 and so on. The sand bag was the timer.  The rest of the stations were dumbbell reach, Smash balls and Kettlebells.  Each person and to go through the full 11 down. It was than at the last 5 rounds I audibled a reverse run up the hill with a sand bag.  Then at the last round I was Q jacked and popeye and Bottlecap suggested to bear crawl bag toss up the last round.


Legs were no accident this morning. I told the pax that my 12 year old daughter made fun of me the other day and said my legs were skinner than hers. What a jab by a 12 year old, you can bet legs will be part of every work out I q moving forward.  That being said the general jest is that the pax go their monies worth.  Started out with Shop taking the WU and making us laugh with the Side Stratle Strop,  Goodfella with his ever loving positive attitude, Posse, have you hugged that guy lately, mean and lean.  Gatorcub, is in line with Popeye with their no quit attitude and put the hard work in today.  Dirty Bird muscled through the run today even though I know his foot was hurting, always impresses me.  Bottlecap is an anchor of the F3 UC crew solid, pushes himself and those around him.  Thank you all for being you.  I really appreciate you all letting me lead you and being part of a great group of guys!


The day started up a bit early getting set up, the morning was brisk but workable.  I pulled in at 5:15 to get the 6 stations started up, saw Ice pull in at the same time.  I was fortunate, he waited till I had all the stations set up and then stepped in at the last minute to help me move a bench just before we got started, but I digress;)

Warm up:  Quick lap around both parking lots, then hand the Q over to Ole Macdonald for the official WU: 15 SSH Regular 10 SSH SUPERSPEED, 10 Pushups (refuses to call merkins now that he knows what they are), 20 LBC’s, 15 Cotton Pickers, quad stretches and WU Complete.

The Thang:

Six stations: Pull ups, weighted sit ups, Weighted step ups, Smashballs, Kettle bells, Curls.  To music we hit each station for a minute for the first 3, one lap around the parking lot, 3 more stations another lap, 60 seconds rest. Rinse and repeat 2 more times.

Moleskin: the mumble chatter started out very loud and I was starting to wonder if this was going to be a good work out but shortly into the 1st round it got serious.  The fast lap around the lot manages to get the heart rate up and the chatter down. Regarding the lap,  Rockwell was on my heals in the first round and passed me in the second round (nice work!,  clearly he is substantially faster than he was 4 months ago).  Recalculating and Loafer have there game faces on and remain committed to bettering themselves. Dirtybird continues to be a source of inspiration for me with his no quit attitude.  As always, I am grateful to be a part of this group of men, men that want to be better in all aspects of our lives.



Nascar 5K tomorrow night- Posse loves his kids so contact him if your interested

3rd F Sanctuary 7:30 Monday Nights Brooklyn Pizza Wesley Chapel.

Thought of the day

“When you die, the quality of your life will be measured by how much of it you gave away.”  Andy Stanley.


Playground of toys

The morning was foggy, gloomy and for the first time that I can remember in a while not HOT, great!   We did have an interesting start as an FNG walks up and introduces himself and informs us that he was invited by Camacho.  AHHH we said,  he’ll be here at 5:31,, welcome to the crew.  So we start out with a quick hot lap to ensure that we don’t lose Camacho and low and behold he, as expected,  pulls in at 5:31. Boom, ready to start with a quick mosey over to the other parking lot for a WU and divide into 2 teams of 3 and 1 team of 4.

WU: 40 SSH, 30 MC, 20 LBC’s, 15 Merkins DONE

The Thang:

Mosey to my car where there happen to be 3 Sand bags, 1 for each team.  Team grabs a bag and mosey to the other side of the bridge doing an Indian run along the way.  Hit the other side of the bridge for a quick plank jack then mosey up to the practice field for some work.

Work was simple  50 Burbee’s per person for a total of 150 for the 3 person teams and 200 for the 4. The additional work was the sandbag toss while doing a bear crawl made it a bit more fun.  The plan was simple, sets of 15 burgee’s run and catch the guy with the bag, guy doing LBC’s takes over for the burgee’s until reach your goal.

Warm up over, run to the track, happen to be 6 kettle bells there and 4 bands and a pull up bar.  Run a lap do 10 pull ups or 15 rows, run to other side of track to do 20 KB’s swings.  Do this three times and your done.  Planks while we wait, with some plank jacks in cadence.

With 9 minutes left, time was tight to get the last game plan in,  mosey over to the Middleschool side lot and again, just happen to be 3 plates, 3 smash balls and some dumbbells.  100 smash balls to finish the work out while one person runs the plate to the other side of the lot switches with the dumbbell and runs the plate back. Easy 100 smash balls and were done!   Quick sprint to the starting point to finish all of that while running 3.1 Miles.


Moleskin:  All in all I think everyone got there work in, felt bad for Hammy (FNG), who pulls his groin on his first time with the F3 Crew.  He took it and kept working through the pain like a champ,  I am certain he will be back. This pax has a whole is getting stronger and stronger,  I watched Damascus hammer out 10 pull ups like it was nothing, I thinking he struggled a bit more a few months ago when he started. Kevorkian sprinted past me not he first lap of the track, letting me know he had quicker legs than me!!  Popeye looks like he was throwing around a 10 lbs kb when it was a 40.  Gator Cub,  I don’t even recognize this cat any more,  clearly has put his work in and looking slimmer in his 50’s than he did when we first saw him in his 40’s.  Snowflake is the rock and cornerstone of our pax, always putting the hard work in.   Learned that Troylet was a big boy back in the day and refuses to go back showing up consistently at every known F3 work out since he moved he 3/4 weeks ago.   Camacho always has a smile on his face and is looking to kick some other F3 sites as&*&# s in soccer in a couple weeks, go get them, just show up on time:) Big tuna wanted to make sure that he made Damascus work for his money this morning and I watched them both with a strong hustle on the jail break home.  NICE WORK GENTS, thanks for allowing me to lead.



Family fun Kids race:    Posse, Kevorkian and Transporter are bringing our family

Southern Discomfort-  10/22   CSUP event

Quick Elevator Summary of the Event

We will start at Charlotte Catholic and run as a group to Old Providence. It is exactly 8 miles. However there are 6 pain stations along the way which will add mileage to close 11.  We have reached out to site Q’s at each stop to provide hydration as well as a 10 minute workout.  The 2nd to last stop is the Arboretum so they could also choose to end there if they want a to cut 2 miles off the total.



I was perplexed this morning as I pulled up and our parking lot was roped off,  felt like someone had taken my seat at the lunch table,  I cant park somewhere else, I thought this was assigned seeing. Anyway, the morning was muggy and we started off promptly at 530 with a hot lap around the lot to head over to our normal work out area, thank goodness:)

WU: 40SSH, 30 MC, 20 LBC’s, 10Merkins, 15 cotton pickers,

The thang: Run down the main sidewalk at a 9 min pace, stop 20 LBC (IC) Run/ 10 Diamond merkins, Run (30 American Hammers)

THE MAIN THANG:  So staged in the far parking lot was 6 stations,  1 PLATE, 1 Kettle bell, 1 smash ball.  Simple work in groups of 3, one runs the plate, one on the smash ball and one on the kettle bell.

Round 1: 120 Smash Balls and 120 Swings

Round 2: 50 Smash and Swings

Round 3: 30

Timing was tight so we had a brisk run to the front.

Moleskin: Morning was awesome, I believe we all got a good work out in judging by the sweat on everyone’s tee shirts, which would have made excellent rags. I think Damasucs and Gator shirts were holding about a gallon of sweat.  I was impressed that Ole Macdonald was there this morning even though he worked till 1 am, NICE WORK! Flipper and landshark as always pushed the frond end of the pax.  Dirty Bird, Rockwell, Flow and Biff continue to push themselves and show heart.  Watching some of the longer timers bump up their levels,  maybe they don’t realize it but the weights we are working are getting heavier so kudo’s to Shop and Posse.  Das Boot and Stuffed Crust your just beasts. Popeye held back and supported my brother Doobie as he was working through some calf issues.  That being said, I wanted to hand the computer to him so that he can give you some of his thoughts from someone who visits:

Doobie- This was my first time attending F3 . . .  I was honestly nervous that I would make a total fool of myself.  My health has degraded over the past year and I didn’t want to look bad in front of my friend that invited me (and was the leader today).  As expected, I fell way behind almost immediately.  The real shocker was when Popeye decided to fall back with me.  To say that Popeye was an encouragement would be an understatement!  He wouldn’t let me be negative about my poor performance.  Instead he pushed me and designed exercises that I could do without hurting myself more than I already had!  As someone who grew up without any strong male role models , I was super impressed with this group of guys who reminded me of exactly what Christ wanted the Church to do. . . bear one another’s burdens!  Awesome!



F3 Sanctuary- Act Like Men by James Mcdonald 7:30 Wesley Chapel Thursdays @7:30


Spartan Training

The beatdown was effective with 6 stations that lined the parking lot that outlined the workload of the morning.

WU:  40 SSH, 30 MC, 20 LBC, 10 Cottonpickers and a quick lap around both lots to go through the challenge of the day

The thang:

20 Kettlebells

8 pull ups

20 weighted step ups

10 Deadlifts

15 smash balls

Farmers carry

12 upright rows

The plan was to the clock and it was simple run the course for 8 min straight do the exercises then 1 min rest, rinse and repeat 2 more times.

Moleskin:  Saw a lot of heart today, everyone worked, there was no exception. Dirty bird continues his no give up attitude.  Shop continues to get faster along with Money Ball, Gator Cub. Always great to see Flipper, Landshark and Ole MacDonald out there killing it and glad to see the summer vacations have brought Hollywood back and Turtle,  their fun personalities are always appreciated. Frack is always a beast but it was funny how he snuck in late this morning with his lights off like we couldn’t see his giant truck:) Posse is looking meaner and leaner everyday,  I saw he pull the 175 lb deadlift bar pushing himself. Money Ball gave it a good run today but also let us know that he here for the long haul and will continue to post with us as he is not leaving. Dr. Kevorian and I worked as a team and he was pushing me to run faster, appreciate that.

Always feel blessed to lead a great group of men,  men that push themselves to be better than they were yesterday and not just physically but as Fathers, Husbands, Friends and coworkers.   Appreciate you all.



3rd F- Sanctuary starts next Thursday YHC on q- 7:30 Brooklyn pizza July 25th- Book “Act like men” by James Macdonald

Asheville super-  Free camping- hosted by Tolken. Also Posse has secured a discount at the Morganton- Must call hotel directly -828-432-2000 ask for Spartan Rate


Friday Morning 5X5

There were 13 of us ready for a 5×5 work out
Warm up;
40 ssh 30 mc 20 iw 10 merkins and a quick lap
The thang:
Break out into groups of three  and work 5 different stations by doing the station while one of the three runs a lap until all 3 have ran a lap. 5 stations were as follows.
1 squats
2 smash balls
3 calf raises
4 kb swings
5 sandbag burbee
Between the stations the teams grabbed a wall ball and tossed it around until everyone completed 5 burbees between tosses.
We did two sets of the stations and on the second set changed the distance to the truck and back and did 3 burbee between sets.
Finished that and moved on to a solid set of Mary, can’t remember all we did but fairly sure we worked them well!
The morning was perfect weather and the group set out to destroy the stations.  It’s clear the 2.0’s came to work and Shadow can move like the wind. The fun really started on the shorter sprints when Doc raced Land Shark on the way back and started a trend to begin the challenges. Clearly these 2.0 gave everyone a run for their money and Turtle put the challenge down on me. Not sure who the winner was??
Let’s see if we can fill these all up for the next month:
Sign up genius Flash:
3r F- Brooklyn Pizza Thursday night 7:30

Friday Morning Transition

So Friday is the Gear day right?  But,, I didn’t have enough gear for 14 guys sooooooo improvise.  Basic warm up 40 SSH, 30 MC, 20 LBC, 10 Merkins, 10 Merkins, 20 LBC’s

Mosey to the courtyard 15 Box jumps, 15 Dips, 15 Heels to heavens, a round of 14, 13, Mosey

Mosey to rock pile with a quick round of American hammers and Carolina DD

Grab a friend and in cadence 15 Curl to press, 15 LSS, 15 LBC, then a round of 12 then 8

Mosey to the round about and partner up P1 runs the loop P2 Supines, Squats, LBS, as a team partner to 100 Supines, 150 Squats, 200LBC;

Mosey on back with a quick stop of Merkins and American hammers just to hit the flag a 615


Gained a great new addition today Uncle Rocky,  he worked hard and killed it, the rest of the crew also put there work into the game plan.  Frack muscled through some clear pain issues, meanwhile Popeye is elated that his PF is getting better.  Had Heizman from IndianLand area,  he was a welcome player to the table. Flipper and Land shark stepped up to their first cadence call without hesitation (nice job gentlemen). Great morning, too warm to wear the hoodie and as always honored to be part of this group.  A group of men that desire to be better, to serve their families and be men.

Announcements:  5K run after commitment this Saturday in Wesley Chapel

Night with the Knights
Saturday May 14th
The Boys of Summer are taking the field and F3 Dads will be there in force on Saturday May 14th. Load up the 2.0s and head to BB&T Ballpark as we kick off the Summer of Sixteen! We have a large block of tickets reserved for the game against our cross-state rivals the Durham Bulls. Tickets are on sale now through April 28th! Don’t wait. This will sellout. Preblast and Purchase